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    Anime, Gaming (Mainly Nintendo), Hope to one day become a video game designer. I was a veteran on Paradise :)

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  1. Delphino Plaza- Super Mario Sunshine Lumiose city - Pokmon X/Y Super Mario world - Overworld Jungle Japes- DK64 Banjo Kazooie - Overworld Conker's bad fur day- Overworld Super Smash bros Brawl - Opening
  2. Hi! I'm JDboy! (Or John, Whatever) You may or may not know me (I was a veteran on the Paradise server) but I don't really care either way. I'm new to PickAxis and hope to create lot's in creative. I like to draw, design video games in Unity, post videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/JDsnowfire14) ,Watch anime, read manga, play Nintendo, Play basketball, volleyball, go swimming, and go to dances with my friends. My top 5 favorite animes are #1 Naruto #2 Death Note #3 Sword Art Online #4 Full Metal Alchemist #5 Pokemon . I have instagram @jdninja14 , Also I have scratch! (Snowfire226). I hope to see lot's of you on the server!

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