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  1. Yes me and Nick would love some more #Tooeasy #Teamwork
  2. Streaming meatboy any% practice runs @ http://www.twitch.tv/im_a_bird

    1. SCNickNamer

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      Had fun? Next time sub 30?

    2. HOOOSK

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      wat? you're done?

    3. Bird

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      yeah didn't feel like streaming for too long ;) sub 40 seems more doable. Will probably stream some building or more platforming soon :P

  3. First of all, I will never offend any one and am truly sorry if you felt offended. My style of replying isn't always too subtle. Saw your comments and actually got out of bed (2am here) to reply. I was actually working on one of those long quote replies we have been doing but it took to long and I simply don't have the time now. If you want you can add me on skype (im-a-bird(nathan joseph)) so I can actually explain stuff more clearly though or we could just get on the Teamspeak sometime. I don't feel like repeating myself and most of your comments can actually be answered by just reading my previous statements. The ones that can't I will try to explain quickly below. Plugins/rollbacks take time from not only staff but also the people building this was what I was referring to.You are calling my ideas "Irrelevant" and are calling me rude? I found my explanation quite clear. You can set block limits to WE and every "lag machine" made with WE could also be made by hand. I want no risk of grief in ANY world.I'm not listing pros and cons since I don't have that much time and since I don't see benefits from a prestige world. Again if you want a list of pros and cons add me on skype because I'm not spending hours typingI never said that judging if something is finished shouldn't be done manually and this would take close to no time if people mark their plots with a command saying they are done so a staff member can check it outI'm actually not asking any tokens to advance. I ask tokens for more than one try. Also look at ScNicknamers idea as well since I'm okay with that as wellI did get this rank with a reason I'm not stating that I'm amazing I'm stating that everyone that can build well should have the same rights and preferably the ones that can't build well as well!Why would I name pros? I would rather comment on the parts that are lacking stuff. I'm not here to compliment your idea I'm here to try to find a world that works well and is fun. My idea is actually your idea but worked out in a way that I see fit.Pls for further explanation add me on skype since I don't think I can make my ideas understandable for you just by typing. Hugs, -Bird P.S. You find it rude and offensive that I'm not explaining stuff in the following way?: I like giving people a reason to build good for. I don't think a prestige world is the way to do this though. Although I like how much thought you spend on it but it has some things that I would rather see differently since when you get to the prestige world there will be no pressure anymore to build amazing stuff anymore and people could start using this world just to mess around a bit with some redstone while this world should be showcasing the best builders work. I also like the idea of everyone having equal rights since it can actually affect the builds themselves. Things like landscaping can take multiple hours to do well in WE this would take hundreds of hours to do by hand though so it wouldn't be fair to those not having the perms since some builds become close to impossible. I also really like your idea of a place where you can see the best builds but this all is why I suggest a gallery build instead.... etc. this takes ages and might make you understand stuff better and find me less rude and offensive but I don't have the time and don't feel like typing this way since this took around 200 words and I wasn't even done... Besides all of this I find it kinda rude and offensive to call me "rude and offensive"
  4. Haha ok, but can we do judging for the others as well? I love judging
  5. Ofcourse disagreeing is an opinion but opinions can be wrong ones! nah, just kidding. I do see your point but let me show you why there are still some things in your statement that I would love to change Unfortunately these plugins aren't perfect. Besides that, people have to catch the right staff online to fix stuff for them. This can mean that they can't work on their stuff for a while which might be annoying. I know. But that was exactly the part that I didn't like. I want EVERY rank to have world edit. Since it can't cause much harm and it improves build quality. Example: In my latest build for the winter build contest the plot was symmetrical in a way that I only had to create 1/8 of the plot. This still took me a lot of hours lets say 15 for this example so it would have taken me around 120 hours of building without world edit! Of course this number is no where close to exact but you get the idea. Well although this is about a different world it does not mean that we can't. The buildcontest is actually extremely relevant to the creative one and I have no clue why this would be a reason to exclude amazing stuff people build from being able to be seen after a contest is over in an extremely relevant world. YES, maybe I didn't word it too well. What I meant is that the challenge to get there is a lot of fun... BUT when you are "prestige" you wouldn't have that much of a drive anymore to build top notch stuff since you already achieved a guarantee of getting your build displayed in the coolest world. This is why I would rather have a gallery with the truly amazing builds. I actually don't mind giving people a higher rank for getting builds in the gallery though. Going back to my previous statement I would rather see: Trial world: only people who arent accepted yet can build here Main building world: Only accepted can build here with the previous explained token system (These plot tokens can NOT be gained true tokens or money only with completing previous ones) Gallery/trophy (same thing): No one can build here. Only showcases amazing stuff creating the most amazing world you will ever see (also since every build in this world will be done) This is not even close to P2W a bad builder could make 100+ plots and not get in a good builder would most likely only need the first "free" one. Also do remember that tokens can be gained trough things like voting or building contest which are both free and promote the server. Why? Using my method only completely finished plots gets you more plots. This prevent people from unnecessary plot claiming. I actually strongly DISAGREE with a plot limit since after a while I would have 10 amazing plots but I wouldn't be allowed to continue building on this server? I hope it's clear by now EVERYONE needs world edit... Of course I could get it. But that doesn't matter to me I was lucky to join the fun early on, but I want people that are equally as good as me to not have restrictions even when it's just the beginning. Yes, don't underestimate a 399x399 plot. Remember the build contest plots? They are 150 x 150 (22500 B^2) a 399x399 plot (159201 B^2) is around 7 times that size!
  6. Congratulations to Nick and the other winners! Im coming for you next time Nick! enjoy your title while you still can
  7. There are parts that I like and dislike about ideas of both pokeball and nickG lets start with the pokeball suggestions 1. I don't like the quiz, although it's probably one of the less important things about your post if people mean harm they can't do much anyways because of plots. Why delay the fun? I would rather have an Accept terms command or force people to have a pickaxis.com account if you insist on anything close. 2. Really small remark: The current rank "Builder" is used to see who's actually making maps for the people on the server to use. This is of course not that much of a problem but that does mean that does mean that one of the names would have to change (to something like "starter" for the creative server or "map maker" for the current builders) 3. As a fanatic builder myself I would rather not see people without any World edit permissions even in judging phase since it can really improve builds a lot and make people not get bored simply because it's taking too long. 4. I actually do really like the idea of a trial world and if anything like that happens I would love to judge. 5. Just repeating that world edit is not only needed at the highest rank, I wouldn't even participate in a build contest without it. 6. I don't think a prestige world is needed. I would rather have judges pick builds to put in a separate world since than it's always a fun challenge to try to get a build in the gallery world since no one will have guarantee. I would also put the winners from build contests in this "gallery" world. An now for NickG 1. I like the idea of having multiple worlds with multiple styles. I don't see why the flat world would be needed though since the plot world is actually a nicer version of it. I would rather have people spending tokens on new plots. 2. I didn't see the words World Edit in your post and well... You probably know by now how I think about it 3. There will always be grievers and rollbacks are not perfect. Back when paradise existed we always had trouble with rollbacks since there are ways to dodge the possibility to do them or even ways to grief without getting caught with them. Also people tend to ruin stuff by accident here an example: When still on paradise I made a huge temple with one water source spreading across the whole thing. If anyone would update it by accident it would have cost me hours. But that's just one of many things. People are a lot of times building with a plan and need a certain area for it. If there would be no way of claiming someone else could start a build too close or use the area, since they don't know what someone is building. Protections would also not stop collabs since people could add others to their stuff. without protections people could also "help" on builds while the owner wouldn't want help at that moment. This actually causes unintentional grief. 4. The thing I really liked about pokeballs idea is that it rewards players for amazing builds. I would have way more fun building in a world where I could get my build showcased or anything like that. And now for something completely different! Well actually not really... these are my ideas: I would love 3 worlds: 1. Trial/spawn 2. The main build world 3. The trophy world They are pretty self explanatory but I will go in further detail anyway, 1. A world where you join the first time explaining the system and how you can get perms for the other world. Besides that you get 1 plot in this world when done with this plot you get it judged with 2 possible outcomes: a. You get perms for the main build world. This would also mean that your plot that got you there would be featured in a special part of the trophy world called "promotion builds" or something like that. Quite a high level of building is expected for this. b. Your plot isn't good enough and you wont be allowed in to the main world... But no worries! you can use tokens to get new plots for extra attempts. 2. A world where everyone accepted can get 3 plots and one more for every plot finished. People can clear their plots though so no need to finish fails. If a plot is amazing it gets put in the Trophy world in a special part called "Creative miracles" or something like that 3. A world where previous worlds are showcased. In this world there is also a place to look at the build contest winners further things that need to be there: 1. World edit in both building world with carefully selected perms 2. UNEVEN PLOTS yes, this is actually really important even plots are the devil. It makes world editing more difficult and various symmetrical builds impossible. Uneven things also just look nicer in minecraft. 3. different plot sizes would be cool for the main building world (being able to chose between 99x99, 199,199 or 399,399(smallest costing one of your plots middle size 2 biggest 3) I might throw some more thoughts here but this is it for now
  8. Thanks and forgot to add a stream link derp fixed it kinda

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