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  1. minemanZZ

    Hi There!

    Welcome im on sometimes
  2. alright as I said its just a suggestion and sullear your not in charge of this website so stop acting like it
  3. cant wait for whats coming. I will see if I can get anyone on I will try to recommend it to people I know. I will be on more often during summer but not always maybe 2-3 times a week. Im excited for skygrid. Im not exactly sure what it is but im excited for it >_<
  4. mighty jak your choices are clearly limited k husker is clearly trying to help and honestly if your not happy with what you got then oh well. not trying to be a jerk but really
  5. Well could just be a list of names then
  6. I see erm maybe I could start that fourm any chance you have a list I can have of donators?
  7. there should be a forum that lists all the donators and there amount donated. Im not a donator myself but I think it would be good to honor them and cool to see who has donated
  8. wowzers I was shocked (in a good way) when I joined the website today and saw some new staff members. So if you don't know heres who is new staff or upgraded to a higher position Uni-Admin Coolpig5342-senior mod Vertigolf-mod sabz44-mod kingpoutine-guide YAY!!!! Congratz to all who I have listed. I know you will all be good in your new positions!
  9. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/23916755/ lol (its astrothestickman)

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