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  1. Hey, hey, hey, PickAxis! Mah name is Party, and I ain't been round for a hwhile. I stopped playing MC back in 'nam(jk, about January 2013) but I used to play Paradise(when this was Paradise) all the time! I was even a Moderator, if that even exists anymore, for a while! But because school and no time for dillydallying, I've rather given up the sport, and I don't intend get back into it. However, I just wanted to stop by and say hi to my pals who are still here! Hi! Anyway, I hope the server is going well, and you'll probably see me around on the forums giving friendly advice and telling my tail of woe(you see its supposed to be funny because I got a tail). Thanks, and good lucks to yous guys! Partyboycjg54054, aka Party, Parteh, Num, PartytheGiraffe, PartytheWhale, Bartypoyjcg04540, Shmeedle, and CottonHeadedNinnyMuggins

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