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  1. Hi Clare, Thank you for giving me some of your time, I really appreciate it. No asking to be spoon feed but i have some follow up question ( Thanks in Advance ) 1. I have seen some servers that the Version are 1.8.1 ( Just an example) and some are 1.8.2 (Just an example too) for example i want to join those server does minecraft have Version switcher? Thx. I promise ill see you soon
  2. Hi All, Im new, I mean i am really new to this. I have been playing minecraft for 2 weeks now in just single player. My questions are: 1. To connect to this server do i need to buy minecraft? (Original) 2. and How do i connect to this Server? 3. When playing in the survival mode in the free server how do i claim a spot to be my base? Thank you for explaining. If you can send a link with guide that would be great. Thanks!

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