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  1. Ha ha! Is that like this outfit?
  2. x:nun y:ya z:biznas Our base is too pretty to be raided. Now I'm scurred.
  3. I will be there with you. Expect little work done around the server when Skygrid launches....and maybe a day off work...because I'll be playing too much.
  4. Jak, follow these steps: 1) teleport to a random location 2) /sethome 3) hit your head on a rock (in-game) 4) start surviving there 5) start going by the name "peaches" 2 of these steps are optional...which ones? that's up to you.
  5. Dang....I went to add this. Opened the page -> Saw a forum for it -> Grabbed the link to reply -> Saw that Nick just replied. Welp! GG Nick
  6. adensem, Thank you for your suggestions! We need more suggestions like your's (and Sullear's) to optimize our servers. Let me address your recommendations: 1) Admin shop & town prices: We set up this admin shop when we first started the server. The original intention was to keep every single player from making a town so we didn't end up with abandoned cities everywhere. The current price for a town is $7500. After having this economy for a bit, we're starting to see that it is quite difficult for the majority of Minecraft players to achieve such a lofty $ balance. I will talk with Nick this weekend to determine if we should lower the cost of a town. Sullear suggested $5000. What are your thoughts? For the admin shop and black market: I would love to set up [buy] signs and some more [sell] signs. Do you have suggestions for what items should be added? I would be more than happy to diversify and expand the shop. 2) Low population: We are fully trying to get more players on. Because I have to be in an office for 10 hours a day, I can't help getting more people on at all times. We are actively advertising (mostly free, a little paid) for the servers, but it's starting to become harder and harder to get players. Sites that cost ~$5000/month to advertise and once brought in thousands of players to a server, now only bring in a small handful even though the price is still the same. We have a plan to invest in some more expensive advertising this summer. We hope that brings in more players. I want and need to start challenging the staff to help find more creative ways to get more players. If you have suggestions on how to grow the player base, please share them. I'm always looking for something to help here. I think we have a great network, we just need to get the players to support it. 3) Money & Voting: Voting isn't the only way to get money on the server. In fact, voting is probably the poorest way to get money. As Sullear said above, we are looking into a plugin that pays you for the time you play on the server. We'll look more into this over the weekend when we're at home (and not at work). Bill also pointed out that in Survival, doing challenges (/c) will immensely boost your balance. Let me know your thoughts on these replies. We're always looking for ways to improve the servers. Your suggestions are very appreciated. Also, welcome to the community! Glad to have you!
  7. Fill in the blank: Riding in a hot air balloon would be ___________.

    1. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      terrifying if you were trapped on top of the balloon.

    2. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      scary... I'm afraid of heights.

    3. Bill

      Bill Admin

      Boring all alone.

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  8. I don't really want to do a blog and doing the PickAxis Weekly Updates became so much work that we were spending more time on them than actually working on the servers...so I thought I'd post some random thoughts in this format, in a discussion with you guys on the forums. As you guys probably know, I can ramble, so I'll try to keep these as short as possible. If you have questions, post them below. I'll do my best to answer them. I also hope Nick doesn't kill me for sharing all my secrets *-=-* State of PickAxis *-=-* Right now I can't say enough about the player quality we have on PickAxis. Very rarely do we get trolls and when we do they quickly realize this isn't a place for them. I truly look forward to seeing each of you every night when I get on. We may not have hundreds of players yet, but the quality of our community is already awesome! One of my dreams is to have a higher player count. Why? So we can launch more servers and we need more players to make that possible. We have a lot of cool servers in the pipeline, but we don't want to just have 1-3 players on each one. We want to grow the community and that means having groups of people playing together, building memories, at the same time, on the same server. We've had some players bring some innovative approaches to get more players on and for what you guys have already done, I'm very grateful. For example, vertigolf hosts drop parties on Skyblock on an almost-monthly basis and that has brought in quite a few people. KingPoutine spends countless hours on Twitch trying to get (begging) big streamers to come play with us and bring their fans. These are very innovative ways to get more players in a time in Minecraft when growing your player count isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do. Many thanks to these guys for everything they've done and are yet to do! We are also reading great server and website suggestions on the forums each day. Keep these up! These are shaping PickAxis into something wonderful! TL;DR - Overall, PickAxis is on a great path of growth and I love you guys! *-=-* Summer & Seasons *-=-* Summer...yeah Summer! I know a lot of you will be out of school. If anyone wants to start a new series for YouTube, host some kind of event, or anything else that would be fun...just let us know. Summer is a time for trying out new things. *-=-* New Servers *-=-* We have a new server coming in about 2.5 weeks (if all goes to plan! - no promises*). We've been busy behind the scenes building and planning. If you've been around the forums lately, you'll easily be able to guess which server this is. This next server and the one following it both use the same custom plugin at their root. So, assuming we can start getting more players, we'll be able to release them both within the next couple months (no promises*). Who's excited? This girl. *-=-* Goals *-=-* I know, I know...it's dangerous to set goals publicly...because people can see you fail and ridicule you....so what! I'd rather be a person with goals than a person without. I also want to share my goals with you guys so you can understand my motivations in what we're doing. I don't want to fail, so I will do everything I can to keep failure out of the picture. Want to help me achieve these goals? Go ahead! Be my hero! <3 Alright, here goes: 1) I want to enter the summer (mid-June) with an average of at least 20 players on at most times of the day. 2) I want to end the summer (end of August) with an average of at least 100 players on at most times of the day. Crazy! I know! But let's do it! It's possible! 3) I want to have at least 3 positive surprises for the PickAxis community before the end of the summer (end of August). That's all I have to share at the moment. Please feel free to ask questions below. I want to keep this network a community network and that means being open and growing together. Thanks for being such an important part of my life, both digitally and IRL. - Husker * or else Nick will kill me for putting a date in here. NOTE: I spoke in 1st person for most of this, but I know Nick agrees with all the good points in this message....especially the ones where good grammar was used.
  9. You're a solutions man, Sullear. Nice! +9001 points
  10. I agree with Sullear. Even when we were on the Paradise server, I had some donators ask to not be recognized in any way. The subtlety of the callout in the forum profile is kind of nice, in my opinion. If you have suggestions though, please post them below. I am always open to hearing your thoughts.
  11. Safe searching is using an encyclopedia.
  12. We have something kind of like that now, but it's not as apparent. If you look under the names of donators on their forum posts, it shows the level for which they donated. Need more? What do you think?
  13. Jak, I can lock your chests so you can't get into them. Would that be good?
  14. Fill in the blanks: The future of Minecraft looks __________ because _____________.

    1. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod

      The future of Minecraft looks PEACEFUL because of PICKAXIS :D

    2. Gsdcs

      Gsdcs Mod

      The future of Minecraft looks hopeful because of Huskeroooo

      Also PENGUINOS!!!

    3. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      lol! Thanks for all these responses. I think I'll make another Fill-in-the-blank profile post.

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  15. I knew I should have paid better attention in Kindergarten! Green!

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