Husker's To-Do List (feel free to add to it!)

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What I feel would benefit the server 

  1. although with /Baltop you run the risk of glitchy crap or what ever, the economy may start to be formed more and more by players due to competition for who's in the "top 10". We could use a similar leveling system as skyblock, Show the first 10 and show your ranking. Rather than allowing the players to go through it. Less lag intensive 
  2. I really like the shop and merchandise idea and would totally save up money to wear a PickAxis shirt around because I'm cool.

i had 7 of these but my browser crashed.  I will finish later so come back to check because I'm tired. 

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can you update to 1.9 please.... I can't play it.....

you can also add a command that states when a player comes onto the game... whether old or new.

you need to add a place at spawn where each person cn buy a plot 3x3 on which they can place signs to advertise their town, shops, etc.

I think it would be a great Idea.

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I agree with @m00s3 I think Nick and Husker have been thinking on something. Im sure there will be another one soon ;P <3 But feel free to give them ideas on the topic ;P

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On ‎1‎/‎31‎/‎2016 at 4:52 PM, kiroakira said:

Well then o-o I know something to add

Survival ideas? :D

Silktouch spawners on minecraft (Maybe a token shop buy thingy for like 800-10000)

/fly for lower donators? :D

More items in the market


10k added to Kiro's /bal

Make kiro staff cause he wants it and trying to earn it? o:

A "Huskers Flower Shop" in spawn o-o


Just going to quote this xD

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