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  1. Man, I saw a lot of builds for the Wishes of the Heart Build Contest, All of you guys did great! They look amazeballs <3

  2. Hey guys!! I know I've been a little... gone lately.. BUT I'm learning to manage School, being on here and doing life WAY better!! I love you guys and I'm glad to be back, how bout that Build Contest eh?


  3. So I was thinking of a way to majorly improve the server and decided to redo the pickaxis logo. Heres my submission
  4. yoooooooo! Its almost Winter Break and Christmas!!! Whos excited?

  5. Awesome! Thanks Nick. Thats actually going to be pretty exciting o.o I want to see one of the mansions o.o
  6. Also want to add, we dont have a eta on the latest update as far as im aware.
  7. So excited for this weekend :D Hope to see you there!

  8. Hey guys! Ive been really busy lately sorry for the inactivity. I just want to give you guys a bit of an update. My PC broke :D so I can't actually be online for a bit. I'm taking finals this week and will be untill Thursday. My sister is going to have my nephew any day now, when she has him im taking a whole week away from the server to help with my neice, Charlotte. I wont be checking anything, forums, staff chat, minechat, nada. 

    Thanks for understanding guys :D

  9. Ill add you to the town when im online
  10. Just updated this, also made it easier to read. Hope it helps!
  11. Hey guys.  im sorry to say thay im going to be abit inactive for a bit. I need to sleep some more because im so sick and i have irl things going on. Thanks for understanding. 


    Get well soon <3 I Know how it feels to be sick for weeks on end. It absolutely SUCKS. 

  13. Hulllooo <3 where's my bae. WHERES BEN. #Ben'sBae

  14. Congrats _SammyBaer For winning March Top Voter. Please Consult me for your prize! @_SammyBaer
  15. Are they protected under /lock or any /lwc commands? There may have been a bug with that during the 1.9 update. I just figured it could be related because breaking them unregistered any LWC things such as locks or flags.
  16. this skin looks awesome xD http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/8170281/assassins-are-awesome/
  17. I dont make many videos and such but iI try to. Just very busy xD. https://www.twitch.tv/endermisty https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjDoH6obXe3IlHKLT7GBblw
  18. Can I apply for Skygrid Queen and Pro? I could do that... ye?
  19. Yes ill keep an eye on it ;P
  20. This saddens me. I love seeing players on a lot, with you gone for a while it's just one less wonderful player to see. I hope you finish school on a good note and like where you move. If wanted I can help Kiro finish the PvP area for you. See you soon ~Ender

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