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  1. I hate this dress!

    1. Pinball7wiz

      Pinball7wiz Revered

      Well I thought I looked alright in it, but if you insist

    2. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      lol, pin you look hawt in anything

    3. Miku

      Miku Forum Mod

      Social media plis

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  2. Go to /spawn and it is slightly to your right. I already had bill1993 redesign the cart system. It's much more efficient now and should cut the drop time in half without carts crashing into each other.
  3. Following the success of last Saturday's Skyblock Drop Party, hosted by vertigolf Guide, we are having a drop party this Saturday on Survival. Feel free to donate any items to the ever-growing stash at the drop point near the Survival spawn. The party starts at 1:00 pm PST (countdown clock here) See you there! Click here to view the announcement
  4. Following the success of last Saturday's Skyblock Drop Party, hosted by vertigolf, we are having a drop party this Saturday on Survival. Feel free to donate any items to the ever-growing stash at the drop point near the Survival spawn. The party starts at 1:00 pm PST (countdown clock here) See you there!
  5. Seeing the fun & success of Vertigolf's Skyblock Drop Party this past Saturday, we are going to have a drop party in Survival this coming Saturday. There are already a ton of things ready to be dropped. Want to add goodies to the drop? Go to /spawn and find the donation point to your right. See you there! COUNTDOWN --> http://goo.gl/Envh3v
  6. OMG! I missed you! I missed you! I missed you!
  7. I have a program randomize the values associated with the letters, then I do my dirty work. You will need to solve them by hand. I had to figure out yours by hand.
  8. 19-8-26-26 18-22-6-8, 7-20-17-11-3-5 4-17-6-3-7! 5-22-14 17-11-8 3-22-22 7-20-17-11-3 15-22-11 20-5 4-14-10-10-26-8-7. 7-9-22-14-26-18 12 25-12-16-8 14-4 6-22-19? 22-11 7-9-22-14-26-18 12 13-22-6-3-12-6-14-8 19-12-3-9 3-9-8-7-8 13-11-5-4-3-12-13 20-8-7-7-17-25-8-7?
  9. 2-3-14-26? 6-8-15'16-22 26-16-6-19-24-5 26-8 9-14-25-22 9-22 2-8-16-25 3-14-16-17 26-8-8? 19 20-22-22 6-8-15 2-14-24-26 9-8-16-22. 2-22-18-18...3-22-16-22 5-8-22-20: 3-22-16-22 14-16-22 20-8-9-22 1-18-15-22-20 26-3-14-26 2-19-18-18 7-14-24-1-6 6-8-15-16 16-15-22-20 19'9 3-14-23-23-6 26-8 21-22 20-3-14-16-19-24-5 2-19-26-3 26-3-22-22 23-18-14-24-20 8-7 26-3-22 7-15-26-15-16-22 2-22'4-22 6-22-26 26-8 24-15-16-26-15-16-22 19-24 3-22-16-22 19'18-18 17-16-8-23 3-19-24-26-20 14-21-8-15-26 14 25-19-24-5 14-24-17 14 23-16-19-24-1-22 14-24-17 9-14-6-21-22 20-8-9-22 9-8-16-22 8-7 26-3-19-20 20-8-8-24 - 26-8 - 21-22 18-8-16-22 15-24-26-19-18 19 26-14-25-22 8-7-7 9-6 9-15-13-13-18-22 10-15-20-26 15-20-22 26-3-19-20 12-15-19-1-25 23-15-13-13-18-22 26-3-14-26 5-22-26-20 6-8-15 22-11-1-19-26-22-17 14-24-17 9-19-5-3-26 5-22-26 9-22 20-9-19-26-22-17!
  10. Anyone good at coming up with stories?

    1. pokeball92870


      The government, slowly but surely, has been onto us for years. They've made sure no one has noticed. But I saw it happen. One of their ships, taking off from the surface, just like all the others that have been rumored. They've been taking the most fortunate- taking them away from this war zone of a planet. All the resources are gone, no more countries, just plain madness...

    2. pokeball92870


      Our people are over. The resistance- or what's left of it, has been operating in secret for years. ever since D-Day we've been alert, looking for all the signs. But today we tracked one of their ships, this one containing one of our spies. He's being sent to the paradise the governments have built. I hear they have cures for all diseases up there- unlimited food... but they refuse to share their secrets.

    3. pokeball92870


      What do they call it? Oh yeah, that lousy 'PickAxis'. It's been a few years, we haven't heard from our spy. Maybe he's enjoying himself, maybe he's dead. That was the last ship they ever sent. We only have a location. We've been building our arsenal for months. I think this is the last time I might ever be here on this planet. I'm off to PickAxis, to take back what's ours. This was our money, our work, and our future. This is agent Nick, signing off.


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  11. 25-8-1 12-3-19-26 11-3-5-26-4-8-19-17? 15-8-12 3-24-8-1-26 17-8-10-6-26-15-4-19-16 5-8-8-14-6-2 26-15-3-19 26-15-3-26? 5-8-10-4-19-16 26-15-4-17 22-1-19-6 4-17 17-8-10-6-26-15-4-19-16 17-8 5-8-8-14 26-15-3-26 20-4-5-13-3-9-4-17 12-4-14-14 10-3-13-6 25-8-1-2 26-6-6-26-15 17-12-6-3-26 4-19 3-19-26-4-5-4-20-3-26-4-8-19. 25-8-1 12-3-19-26 10-8-2-6 5-14-1-6-17? 25-6-17 8-2 19-8?
  12. I could probably cut down a tree for you.
  13. I like your idea @pokeball92870. I will need to have Nick's help to make good decisions though. I often equate quantity with quality in my head and that's often the wrong way to do it. Thanks for the good ideas.
  14. I can only do so much at one time. Survival still gets new things. I added more stuff to the black market there just this weekend. I just didn't make a video about it. We recently added the challenges to Survival too. Let me know what you want in Survival. I have seen the request for capture-able mobs, but what else?

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