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  1. i want to hear the voices of my loves


  2. I'd like to report HuskerGirl for being a pain in the... you know

    1. HuskerGirl


      The signs weren't clear enough

    2. Miku
  3. The votes are in. The mayor for the new town Sacund is: .... DennisJammes

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ninjabou



    3. Miku


      What votes? Im pretty sure the only co ower with VIP is your first town was sure to get the second one lol. #Rigged

    4. Miku


      Owner with VIP in*

  4. LOL my nickname, thanks Husky

  5. I don't have trust issues at all I promise I just want everyone to both be and feel secure in my town
  6. ive come with an idea for towny that may be a good one for us, ive seen it before in other servers, but I think or towny is lacking. So the idea is that a new rank of Builder wound be created, an individual that I assigned to this rank in a town would be able to build on unclaimed town owned plots much like a assistant or mayor would but wouldn't have access to /t claim or /t withdraw, this way there "job" would be to strictly build for the town
  7. So it wont tell me how much munnnnies I need for a nation but I think I need one, how much this be?
  8. i love the one about me :):):) THOSE DAMN GUARDIANS
  9. Started a new town with Zachsizzler, ninja and rampage. cool part is, its all underwater.

  10. When i type: &3nick is too fast in chat it stays white in color, doesnt matter what formatting number i use, as an emerald detonator i view this as super life threatening, as in i may have a heart attack. thanks
  11. LMFAO I like how I'm the one that gets the shout out on the tweet

    1. HuskerGirl


      You love it. Don't lie.

    2. MetricMonk


      oh i totally do ;P

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