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  1. I might, just might, come back.

    1. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod

      Yay! Maybe welcome back! :P

  2. Well After three or four months of some good solitude from minecraft, I think I might, just might, come back. A ray of hope has come. I've found the gold at the end of the rainbow. I shot the leprechaun. oops. (no need to panic, not really...) Since the game first came out I was addicted to it. It was a problem, and I wouldn't admit to myself yet knew it. So the Problem grew and grew, so finally I just needed to rid myself of that problem completely. (Yeah.. Ik.. a 5 year problem... don't judge me;) I know you're addicted to...) I'm hoping now, I can control myself from the urge to play, and just get on a few times here and there, finishing my school first. (I'm Home-schooled so the darn game was sitting in front of me for 8 hours, what was I supposed to do, do my school...) Of course I'm totally going to change my name. How lame is turtle90... Yeah. its needs a capital letter duh. Turtle90. Now thats more like it;) So anyway that's my plan, and hopefully all pans out well, I get the game again and taa-daa. No guarantees, but its a plan alright! Hope to see you all soon!
  3. Darn You Mr. President. What Happened to Freedom...

  4. Im completely sure! (I accidentally deleted my Mojang account). :/ O well, yeah I have at least 90 dirt but thats it.
  5. Hey Verti! Just wondering and not sure if it would work, but since I wont be playing any longer, and if its alright with the admins, you can Have my island, and everything that goes with it! It wont make a huge impact on your build, but it was just a thought!
  6. Turtle90 Here! Wanting to let you guys know I'm giving minecraft up for good! Its been a swell time with you all, and have had a blast, but its time for me to retire this addiction, focus on my education, family, and friends. Hope picaxkis blooms into something greater, good luck to you all. (I'll stay in touch every once in a while on the forums but from there its goodbye)
  7. Just got Sprayed. By a Skunk...

    1. ScribNyan


      Oh, dang... That's not good. Well, you know what they say. Tomato juice helps! :P

    2. turtle90


      Yeah:P Thankfully I was wearing enough clothing, and it was a small one. So a long shower took the majority out!

    3. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      You should have sprayed it back!

  8. I got a ukulele! ;)

    1. HuskerGirl
    2. David Mitchell (Astro)

      David Mitchell (Astro) Mod

      Turtle come over so you and my friend Tommy can have a neighbourhood uke session

  9. I've dug to much the past week.

    1. David Mitchell (Astro)

      David Mitchell (Astro) Mod

      You dove too deep... and you forgot your floaties

  10. Goodness, I'm tired!

    1. David Mitchell (Astro)

      David Mitchell (Astro) Mod


  11. I read every message and all the chat last time you streamed hardcore, and nobody slipped... I'll get ya though, its just a matter of time;)
  12. As long as you don't pick a fight you'll do great!
  13. Seriously though, I need someone to raid:/ We need more people playing, or a smaller map.-.
  14. Yum. Fried Turtle. Thats whats cookn at my place.

  15. Just Chilln' in the Cool Summer Breeze.

  16. Only One Day Left of School!

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    2. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      Dang....that was posted as an infinity symbol....not a question mark.

    3. turtle90


      Hey, and thats why being home-schooled is a beautiful thing;)

    4. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      Happy Summer to you!

  17. Just got Beat In a Soccer Game... (Alot of foul play on the other team's part, they also cheated) We had a bad ref...

  18. Turtle Soup. Yum.

    1. HuskerGirl
    2. turtle90


      Actually yeah! I live off a private lake and have caught a couple, even kept the shell for my room XD

  19. Oh goodness, my eyes... Skygrid looks Overwhelming! xD (So many blocks, but I'm ready for the challenge!) 1. What MUST PickAxis Skygrid have? The game MUST have PVP enabled, I need some adrenaline pumping here! 2. What would ruin My Skygrid experience? PVP not being enabled, and not having the thrill of a chase;) 3. "Fill In The Blank" I am generally and thoroughly Excited for PickAxis Skygrid!
  20. Wow, you're four different species of penguin, how did your parents manage that? You may be cute, but I'm adorable.
  21. http://www.adirondacklifemag.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/snapping-turtle-2-larry-master1.jpg (Just don't catch me while I'm Grumpy)
  22. Just Plain, Darn Outright, Bored.

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