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  1. Merry Christmas guys! Did you get anything exciting?

    1. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      ...shirts. but thats not really whats important for me. plus im at the beach, so theres that.

  2. No... NO... NO!!! I MISSED IT!!!! Ugh!! /facepalming intensifies/ dangit!!! I can't beleive I missed it... I was at a kids birthday party yesterday and I forgot...
  3. Darn! I was aiming to vote every day but I missed a day... I guess monthly voting IS harder than it seems... I'll try next month then! :P

    1. Wrena


      I know how you feel. I always try to do this, but I always end up forgetting for one day, and then one day turns into one week, and then before I know it, the month is over and I'm mad at myself all over again.

    2. ZTolerance

      ZTolerance Admin

      Keeptrying, there is a chance for top 3 but even if you don't make that there is a chance for a lot of other rewards for doing well

    3. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      Here's a helpful hint: Vote more than HuskerGirl...it's a good idea...and a bountiful idea.

  4. I'll definitely attend! Thanks for letting us know!
  5. Whoah, amazing! That's really neat!
  6. Thanks. It finally did it but I was just concerned if it was happening with anyone else. Thank you.
  7. Also, my favorite challenge for the month is definitely Composting. A rabbit egg and 3 dirt! Plus, the materials for the challenge aren't very hard to get.
  8. Hmm... we can do something End themed, like "Trade in 5 Ender Pearls for a stack of End Stone!"
  9. Monthly voting is harder than it sounds... But I shall keep trying!

    1. vertigolf

      vertigolf Mod

      NickG365, HuskerGirl] can you transfer my remaining 10 coins to scribnyan

    2. vertigolf

      vertigolf Mod

      okay tagging didnt work

  10. On this site - https://www.minestatus.net/129389-pickaxis/vote I've been trying to keep up with the monthly voting, but this site didn't even pop up the catchpa you're supposed to complete for anti-spam. However, it has in the past days... Has anyone else had this problem? Also, I noticed this message on the top; "It has come to our attention that some users may be having problems voting. We're very sorry about the inconvenience, and we're working on getting the issue fixed!" I hope this gets fixed because I'm trying to keep up with the monthly voting, and it's pretty hard doing so. Thanks for reading this!
  11. I think it will make a nice addition. For instance, weather brings certain perks. While fishing, rain helps you catch more things. And I think making it a token perk to toggle it off and on would be nice too.
  12. What would be a good name for an iguana or a bearded dragon? Thinking of getting one.

    1. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      ummm uh... XERXES! the.... ruler guy... froma long time ago... i know history

    2. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      Lord Cthulhu, Dark Emperor of the Universe

  13. Thanks! This'll be a huge help!
  14. I bought a really old shark tooth fossil the other day for just 5 bucks. It was an Otodus shark tooth, but they usually sell for 20 dollars anywhere else. Fun fact: These sharks lived 50-60 million years ago and are thought to be the ancestor of the megalodon.

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