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  1. Heyyyyy Its LSJ! I'm here to say that I am Indeed Back in action! Just took a half-year break there
  2. horses are donkeys in disguise. Mantis Shrimp
  3. If this were Facebook for Minecraft, what would your status be? my status: currently waiting for this topic to be reviewed by a mod or admin. Hi there mod or admin or owner! Just post your comments in the section below, and I'll choose a post of the month every month!
  4. We Shall see what happens in the Arena tonight...
  5. Erm... I would be willing to help with the testing if I can. If you guys are fine with it, I mean.
  6. I'm sorry for all that has happened between M_J and me. I have been going through some tough times, and I decided to exert myanger/sadness into messing with M_J and all of you guys. I am truley sorry for all I have done. I may return, I may not. M_J, I am sorry for all I have done. Bye.

  7. I'm back baby! Two weeks since I have been gone!

    1. Mighty_Jak


      Are you going to buy me that profile picture? If you don't....

    2. Dansors

      Dansors Guide

      "If you don't...." Finnish the incomplete sentence ?

  8. 11 posts on a topic that started 8 hrs ago...

  9. I Let People mock Luckystratjacket Untill I Met a very powerful group. Information was passed un- Noticed by anyone else. True, People can be very powerful. this group Is hidden in the shadows. I am a member of this group.
  10. lewl u think. *installs invincibility hack* letz gewww!!!
  11. Kum on! Everyone Enjoys Playing with words!
  12. I Applaud you! No one has gotten that so far! I am happy you got that! So, got any theories? More people have theories. You should post them here. No one besides you have posted them here. Are you ready for a reveal? My instincts tell me that Everyone is!
  13. SC's gone. we're fighting over the kitpvp dominince, and I'm leading a rebellion.
  14. I'm gunna buy Mighty_Jak one from the person who did the staff's picks. I said that in his status update btw
  15. The rebellion grows greater...
  16. What is their relation? how do you think they know each other? Do they even know each other? You have to decide! or you don't! u have to read to know! can you create a theory? are you ready to dig deep and look for small easter eggs? O r is there a hint somewhere in this post? ever hear of spy writing ?
  17. XD Get Wrekd! #Trollsarereal! EVERYTHING in this thread is made up! I kinda wanted to see how far this goes, but to keep count, we have 3, 3, theories! however, I did actually get given the 200$ donor rank on arkham. Never has it gone this far! oh god... LMFAO! (Everyone hates me now.) But still... meh. this actually wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I am sorry if I miss-led anyone through this topic. but i did leave hints throughout the thread. If anyone can find them, GG. have a good day now! 10 minutes later, Mighty-Jak will be saying... anyway, I am truly sorry if I Miss-Led anyone through this thread.
  18. I'm sorry NinjaBau, but I did the first 3, and collinson didn't want his. Oh, and by the way, I can see the picks now, but if you can't, let me know by liking this post, instead of spamming this as *Cough* *Cough* someone may have done. #ShamelessAdvertising

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