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  1. The Inheritance Cycle series (Fantasy) Ender's Game series (sci-fi) Warriors series (Fantasy) i am too lazy to list anymore but those are my top favorites
  2. Eyyy Welcome to PickAxis JDboy. I hope you enjoy your time. If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the staff members.
  3. Yes you should be getting your tokens and stuff as well as your badge soon.
  4. Welcome Lucky! Hope you enjoy your time on Pickaxis!
  5. Welcome to Pickaxis Averey! I also have a pet polar bear and live in an igloo.
  6. This is just the starting blocks of the network. Its not gonna be the same as paradise and i would like people to stop expecting it to be. The network is only in open alpha it is not the finished product. The owners need to first make the building blocks of a network and then work their way from there until they can start getting creative with their game type designing.

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