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  1. any of yall still check this? if so hows everyone doing. I am a junior in college now O.o when I played on pickaxis I was in like 7th grade :P

  2. what de heck i am graduated from highschool i started playing on here when i was like in the 7th grade

  3. don't worry im not dead...

    highschool soccer just finished, we won our league, and districts, lost in regional semis but ended up being 9 ranked highschool team in ohio. not bad for having 16 juniors on our team. :)


    hopefully I'll have more time for some good ole minecraft!

  4. Oh my.. Tomorrow is 2 years for me. I know I've been inactive lately. But 2 years! O.o

  5. Hi! I'm not completely dead ;)

    1. Miss_Val

      Miss_Val Mod



    2. HuskerGirl
  6. tried to donate for the obby rank on skyblock forgot im a minor so paypal dont let me use it -.-

  7. my head kills i think im having withdrawal symptoms from not being on mc for like a billion years

  8. Peoples I am so sorry for not getting on a lot at the moment, I have been very busy with start of school and mid season soccer. Also my dad is going to add more ram to my laptop so I don't have it rn. Again I'm sorry it's been a while D;

    1. ninjabou

      ninjabou Revered

      my school started on the 11th

    2. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      Mine started yesterday (the 27th)

    3. benpenguin2

      benpenguin2 Revered

      ^posted that at 12:01 am

  9. Woah that was fast.. Joined Pickaxis Aug 3 2014 its already been a year! O.o

  10. Pickax is is just such a good server, thank you to all who make it possible!!!!

    1. vertigolf

      vertigolf Mod

      Thanks to all the people that join and stay!

    2. Meg1626
    3. Miss_Val
  11. Starting over any people wanna join, I will need a resume

  12. Be back in one more week!

    1. Meg1626
    2. vertigolf

      vertigolf Mod

      eagles is looking for you

    3. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      I can't wait to get more Sach!


  14. Hardcore survival episode unoooo

  15. Wow, I'm actually gonna start voting daily now. Never realised how good adblocker was until I downloaded it.

  16. Sorry haven't been on mc lately! Lots of soccer and school work, also you can find me hanging out on teamspeak or plug.dj when I'm not busy :D

  17. Check out my new Channel and New Video!

    1. HuskerGirl

      HuskerGirl Owner

      Sweet! Love the new name! I added your video to pickaxis.tv. :)

  18. Well... Now my parents aren't gonna let me donate to any servers again.. Someone from Texas bought an iPhone 6 as my dad. :/

    1. NickG365

      NickG365 Owner

      Be sure that they contact the bank or credit card company about that -- if the actual card wasn't stolen, you're not liable for any fraudulent charges as long as it's reported immediately.

    2. HuskerGirl
    3. Pinball7wiz

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