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Shush you silly girl, the only reason why you are still alive here is that Miku has gotten to like you. So beware and stay on his good side or you may end up like the rest of those pathetic humans.


... Mikuuu.... O^Q



Sorry Nick, but your time has come. *points at the ground*


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Just you wait miku! One day I'll get you! I'll get all of you! *jumps out of miku's castle tower and flees.*

Heh..heheh hehehahaha! Flee! Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



*Appoints Seagull as Queen*


We shall rule this section.

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hhmmmm ok let's left click here, right click here......./copy.........../paste-a..........that 10x10 obsidian cube should suffocate you sometime soon.......I'm not entirely sure who to suffocate though.......

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