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  1. Just finished donating some stuff to the dp
  2. hmm i think i might build like 5 giant trees and then build a city in the trees
  3. Just finished building my mob spawner :Dhttp://imgur.com/1wTljQF

    1. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod

      Nice! You gonna add hoppers too?

    2. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Looks like all the men in my life....falling hard.

      Just kidding! One can wish!

    3. Miss_Val

      Miss_Val Mod

      Pastaaaa I saw it :o. OP

  4. does any one wana play skywars :D

    1. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod


      Just sayin... :P

  5. i found my first diamond on survival :D ... then died with all my diamonds and my good pick

    1. Meg1626

      Meg1626 Mod

      Aww, that's the worst. :(

  6. i cri i cant get on the server

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    2. ZTolerance

      ZTolerance Admin

      Looks like it is minecraft is having problems, hopefully it will be back soon

    3. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Seems to be up now.

    4. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Sweet avatar!

  7. SuperPastaMan


    Hi i am pastaman12, you will probably on survival or skyblock. I am new to this server so yeah. i also have cs go
  8. i am looking at some of these build and they are all so good!

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