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  1. Hey guys :HeyGuys:

    Don't tell :Nick: but I added a bunch of new emotes to our forums.  Use them while they last!  I guarantee some of them will end up "missing" soon. :Kappa: 

    Many of these emotes will look familiar to a lot of you. Below is a list of them. To use them simply put the word next to the emote in between colons, like this:  :cat:

    • :PickAxis: PickAxis


    • :OhMyDog: OhMyDog


    • :creeper: creeper


    • :Kreygasm: Kreygasm


    • :Nick: Nick


    • :husker: husker


    • :PJSalt: PJSalt


    • :PogChamp: PogChamp


    • :steve: steve


    • :riPepperonis: riPepperonis


    • :flash: flash


    • :SMOrc: SMOrc


    • :SwiftRage: SwiftRage


    • :VaultBoy: VaultBoy


    • :WutFace: WutFace


    • :BibleThump: BibleThump


    • :BloodTrail: BloodTrail


    • :BrainSlug: BrainSlug


    • :BrokeBack: BrokeBack


    • :CoolCat: CoolCat


    • :duDudu: duDudu


    • :FailFish: FailFish


    • :HeyGuys: HeyGuys




    • :Kappa: Kappa


    • :KappaClaus: KappaClaus


    • :KappaPride: KappaPride


    • :KappaRoss: KappaRoss


    • :Keepo: Keepo


    • :MingLee: MingLee


    • :ph34r: ph34r


    • :MrDestructoid: MrDestructoid


    • :NotLikeThis: NotLikeThis


  2. Thanks for your thoughts.  Here are my responses to you:

    1) Thank you!  I think our staff are exceptional, as well.  I enjoy playing with each of them.

    2) We've done a lot of tweaking for McMMO levels.  We made it harder to level up because when we first set a level cap, the majority of players were all capped out within a week or two.  If this continues to be an issue, bring it up again in a few weeks and perhaps we can take another look at it.

    3) Most login and leave messages are pretty annoying, at least in my opinion.  Ask around and if this is something a lot of you would like, we can revisit this in the future too. I do really want death messages.  I'll bring this up with @NickG365

    4) I like this too, even though it keeps some people from posting initially.  I think it's a good solution to keep trolls and crap out of the forums.

    5) Swearing is ok, in moderation, as long as it's not bothering players and is not disrespectful. This is not a G-rated server, but definitely not an R-rated server.  Keep it fun.

    Edit 1: The dead horses are from the 1.9 update and the horsemen who spawn.  I think people just aren't killing the horses after they kill the horsemen.

    Edit 2: You can use /auc info to learn the same thing.  Unfortunately, I don't think the auction plugin currently allows for the hovering option.

    Edit 3: I'll talk to Nick about this.

  3. Posted Image

    The haunted houses were sure scary! Good work building things that made us want to cry in fear. After carefully taking stairs and falling into more than one lava pit, the entries have been judged. Congrats to the winners!

    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

    And finally, all participants who finalized their plots with /plot done will receive 100 tokens.

    Thanks to everyone who took part in creating some really scary builds for this contest! (Share some of your candy with Husker!)

    Click here to view the announcement

  4. Posted Image

    It's that time of year again: the SPOOKY time! We want to see what spooky means to you, in the form of a haunted house.

    Build something that will scare us. Use redstone to make things pop out as you walk past or a house with a maze for a basement. Use your imagination to wow us. The more details, the better.

    How to enter:

    Anyone wishing to enter as a contestant should claim a plot in the Build Contest server (/server buildcontest), accessible from the main Hub. Players can build with other people, but if that build wins a prize, contributing players must split the prize.

    When to build:

    Contestants will have from October 16th until October 28th at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

    Announcing the winners:

    The winners will be announced within a few days after the contest closes.

    • 1st Place = $50 store credit
    • 2nd Place = $30 store credit
    • 3rd Place = $30 store credit
    Official Rules:
    • Builds cannot be offensive. Any build found to be offensive will be deleted & that player disqualified.
    • All builds must be Haunted House themed. What you build is up to you.
    • All builds, to be considered as an official entry, must be marked completed using the command /plot done.
    • Criteria for judging, based on a 10-point scale, are as follows: Creativity, Originality, Theme Fit, & Design. Point totals from judging will not be made public.
    Tips for Success:
    • To get started & to find your plot, perform the command /plot auto.
    • If your entry requires elements not set as the default environment in the server, please post it on a sign for the judges to see.
    • If there is part of your entry that requires interaction or is hidden, please post it on a sign for the judges to see (Ex: redstone, hidden cave)
    • All features of the Creative server are enabled, including WorldEdit, redstone functionality, and block falling physics.

    Click here to view the announcement

  5. We hope you enjoyed the temporary challenges we've had all year. I apologize for missing September's challenges. My schedule is to blame for that. In return, I hope you enjoy the 6 Halloween challenges we have for October.

    Also, you voted and chose to resurrect the GoGreen challenge (from June) permanently. It is now a permanent part of the Special challenges on Skyblock.

    Here are October's 6 new temporary challenges:

    Posted Image

    Do you like the special Halloween challenges?

    Are you happy GoGreen is back?

    Have ideas for November's challenges?

    Let us know in the comments.

    Click here to view the announcement

  6. Posted Image

    Here's a fun game we're going to play

    You should be happy, the game starts today

    Your help is needed to find all my gold

    It's tokens and coins, the legend's foretold

    Read all the clues, you will see them below

    Only the wisest will be in the know

    Riddles will guide you to a treasure chest

    Submit your screenshot to prove you're the best

    If you are the first to post your success

    Riches and riches upon you, I'll bless

    But please go with caution, take this to heart

    You can win only once...plan and be smart

    The first clue I'll give will pop up today

    The second tomorrow, third on it's way

    Good luck to you all, please go find my loot

    And while you're at it, I'm missing a boot

    Treasure #1 Clues: FOUND! - More treasures coming soon


    Click here to view the announcement

  7. -...



    -  Re-sacrifice Bill just for fun :: Don't want to drive him away!

    - Promote Meg to Sexy Beast :: Gosh, these internal server errors just don't let me do anything fun ;)

    - Eventually add the ability to reset challenges on Skyblock (Skygrid is obvi most important though) :: We're going to switch to a new system to do challenges here very soon. This may be an option once we do that. I'll put it on my list to remind me to ask Nick about it.

    - Is color chat an option in game? Or the ability to have colored text on the website? Or would that be too annoying to see? :: In game it's possible and we once had it. We made our own chat plugin recently and still need to add that ability to it. I'll add it to our long-term to-do list.

    - Let Meg know if she can help in any way    :P :: Take a look at the to-do list.  If there's anything you ever want to take off the list, just holla.  I'll give you what you need to help. :)  Thank you!

    - Add recipe to Skyblock (a new token or rank perk maybe?) :: Added to my list.

    - Add more options for purchase in token shop (maybe some tools, like a God pick) :: Send me, privately if possible, your list of what should be in the token shop. I would love your brain power to help come up with ideas.

    - Mail Meg a new, working ankle :: Already been on the wait list for years. They seem to have a shortage. :'(



  8. It's that time of the month again: Time to vote for which Skyblock challenge you would like to become permanent.

    Since WhatTheNether won last month, it is now a permanent part of the Skyblock Challenges.  All past options have also been put back into the polls.  See below if you need a refresher to remember what those challenges offered.  Warning: challenges can only lose a ballot 3 times.  This means if Seamstress, BottleCollector, or GoGreen doesn't win, it is gone forever. (RIP LoudLibrarian & AprilShowers)


    Remember: The winning challenge will be slightly nerfed.  We will be posting September's temporary challenges at the beginning of September, along with some extra challenges that Snowball thought up!  Get your votes in now! Save your favorite challenge!







  9. #1 Make yourself a coffee and relax 

    #2 Smile 

    #3 Know that you and nick have people around to help you superhumans out

    I know we've got you great people around us.  We are very thankful for that.


    We are also relaxed, don't worry!  Minecraft time is my relax time.


    I just want to make a list so I don't forget great recommendations as they come through...I'm very forgetful because there's always too much on my mind from the other parts of my day.

  10. -More...


    -More build contests :: We've been doing one every 2 months.  Is that good timing?  More often?

    -Add Skygrid :: It's coming. Nick and I have had a lot going on recently.  I lost a parent and am just getting back to things and now Nick has had some stuff come up. We're almost done!  Promise! I'll add my Skygrid to-do's to the list above.

    -Update creative to 1.8 :: It already is, isn't it?

    -Sacrifice Bill in an attempt to lessen lag :: Done

    -Add more voting websites (preferably ones that don't require clicking many pictures) :: The ones we have are the ones that cause the least amount of issues. We've tried others but they couldn't be trusted...had to move on from them. If you have more sites, please list them and we'll give them a go.

    -Add an adventure map :: There are plans in the works ;) but they are far off. Do you have ideas that could be added simply to a somewhat vanilla server? Let me know. We could do something in the meantime that would be fun!

    -Update ranks and permissions so guides can actually do things =P :: Talked to Nick about fixing this last night. Again, he's got some stuff to work through right now and then these should be added shortly.

    -Promote benpenguin2 to owner :: Tried, but the machines broke. Don't know how to fix that bug.

    -Do a campaign that if a player on the server brings a friend on and they play for a certain amount of time, they will both get some form of reward (the certain amount of time is to stop people from bringing their friends on and never playing and the idea overall is to just get more players involved in this awesome community) :: We have plans for this, but Nick only stretches so far. When he gets his to-do list a little cleaner, this will be a thing.

    -Add an adventure map :: See above...also are there any out there that can be multiplayer and already exist? LMK

    -Add prison :: Will come after Skygrid.  It's already planned and being built. It's gonna be different from any other Prison server you've ever played...hopefully more fun, too.

    -Maybe try a partnership with another server, introduce the communities to each other, do events and maybe live streams together (grow both player bases) :: I will consider this. Not sure what would be required of us though.

    -Add UHC competition, different than hardcore, these will be like the ones many youtubers have where they are either in teams or by themselves and fight to be the last one standing :: Would LOVE to have these, but we need more people!  Help!

    -Add a pickaxis store full of shirts and stuff :: Nick's wanted to do this for a long time. I'll add it to my list.

    -Rent portal's services for money :: We already do

    -Add a server full of plugins and custom plugins to essentially create a modded minecraft game (maybe something like how to minecraft 2 server) :: Mock together your dream setup. This may be possible, but I need your brainpower.

    -On skyblock create a peaceful mob arena that is always in day time (unlike the current one that is only night time) but charge players money whenever they go there like the nether and end :: This is a really good idea.  I'll put it on my list of things to do/consider.

    -Add a /modreq or /report for players to use if they need help or if someone is doing something wrong :: Will also add this to my list.

    -Have coolpig for dinner :: I invited him, but he denied my request.

    -Give players something special for their birthday :: I would love to. I don't have everyone's birthday though.

    -Players that subscribe to the pickaxis twitch or any staff member twitch should receive special server perks :: I will add this to my list, too.

    -Include a separate tab (the ones that say "home" "forums" "vote" "shop" "more") that says guides and in there have a subsection for every server, in those subsections include important and helpful information such as, skyblock block point numbers, ender's towny guide, information on plot size and world edit for creative and build contests (such as item ids), and more :: This is already being worked on by Bill & UnicornHorn. I'll add it to my list to make the pages ready for them.

    -Demote collin to newb :: Internal server error.

    -Make the revered rank an in game one (I miss having a tag and color to my name xD) :: I'll bring this up in discussion with Nick.

    -Add /baltop to servers :: We could, but we need to see how much it reks the servers.  This command has been known to bring a server to it's knees easily.

    (All I can think of at the moment) :: THANK YOU! Your suggestions are always appreciated.  Please continue to update them here when you have more....make a new post though so I don't miss them. :D

    - get a minigames stuffs to get some coders around coding for PA :: This is Nick's project this year. It's coming! Harbor him. :)

    - add a donor perk to skyblock and creative for world edit schematic extraction of the plot :: I like this and it's possible to do. We'll explore it and I'll add it to my list to explore.



  11. This is my to-do list. Feel free to add recommendations to it. The things on the list are for me to explore doing, not guaranteed to happen. 


    The purpose of this list serves 3 needs:

    1) To help me remember what to do

    2) For your visibility

    3) For you to help contribute ideas



    Husker's To-Do's:

    • Add new challenges to Skyblock (ones written by Snowball)
    • Update & post Challenges spreadsheet on the forums
    • Add new challenges to Survival (get from ZTolerance)
    • Remove unneeded Announcer messages
    • Create a store to buy PickAxis apparel and swag
    • Add peaceful Skyblock mob world, would cost $ to enter
    • Add /modreq or /report for players needing help
    • Give players a reward for subscribing to Twitch/Twitter/YouTube
    • Make server pages on the website
    • Add schematic-making to creative (maybe to Skyblock & Survival)
    • Find new auction plugin
    • Skygrid: Plan out token shop
    • Skygrid: Plan out coin shop
    • Skygrid: Exchange ProtectionStones for GriefPrevention
    • Skygrid: Fill out config for GriefPrevention
    • Skygrid: Revisit Generator config (fewer chests/spawners)
    • Skygrid: Define launch plan & write up announcement
    • Ask Nick about ability to reset challenges on Skyblock/Survival
    • Find out how long it will be until we can color chat in-game again
    • Add /recipe to Skyblock
    • Get list of token shop additions for Skyblock, from Meg



    Husker's To-Done's:

    • Take a shower
    • Put on clothes
    • Add your Skygrid to-do's to this list  :)
    • Add villager and horse eggs to Survival store (very bottom of /warp Market)
    • Make sure "Finale" challenge in Survival is not glitched (it's not glitched...you can only do this challenge once)

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PickAxis strives to provide an enjoyable, unique, and high-quality experience across the various servers in our network. Join us today; your adventure awaits!


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