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PickAxis Weekly Update - 1/15/15

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PWU - 1/15/15

It's Thursday! That means it's time for the next PickAxis Weekly Update.

What's New?

  • Shops in SkyBlock - Personal shops are being added to SkyBlock. If you would like to know more about how these work, see
    . The ability to create will be purchasable with tokens. These should be fully added to SkyBlock within the next 2 days.
  • Token Shop Updates - We took out permanent fly & permanent world edit from the token shop to allow everyone to get time-limited versions on their first day of voting. You will be able to unlock the permanent version of these features with a donation package.
  • Winter Build Contest Winners - Congrats to our build contest winners! The builds keep getting better and better! We will be making a change for future contests: Build Team members will be only competing against themselves. This will hopefully keep things a little more balanced and fair.
  • PickAxis Coins & Ranks - No later than this weekend, we will have purchasable ranks up. There will be 5 ranks, starting at 10 coins and increasing by 20 coins each level. Coins will be available for purchase in our online store. More will be explained when that goes live, but get excited, it's almost here! Minigame kits will use a different pricing system, and be available for purchase individually.
  • Calendar - We added a new calendar for events to the website. The look of it may change over the next few months, but the content will remain the same. Here you will be able to find things like build contests, scheduled world resets, and other PickAxis events. Currently you can find it on the right side of the screen when on the Forums page.
What's Coming?
  • Surprise Flash Build Contest - We will have our first Flash Build Contest in early February. Flash contests are shorter than our Epic contests and are usually going to be a week long.
  • KitPvP Server - This server is being coded 100% by portalBlock Dev and will be in testing this Saturday. After this weekend's testing, we'll determine how much more time is needed before official server launch.
  • Survival Challenges - Staff is working on refining the list of challenges to add to the Survival server. They are almost finished and should be implemented within the next few days.

Click here to view the announcement

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*empties out pockets* will a nickel, 3 pennies, a piece of gum, a pen, a button, and a piece of lint cover the cost of a rank?......

It can get you a few things....especially that button.

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Could you earn ranks by like making LOADS of great maps and great server ideas and doing them (like what PortalBlockz did with kitpvp).... I think it would be useful as some people cannot donate for specific reasons, and making maps etc is just as helpful as a donation to the server.

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how much are coins each? I am supposed to have $50 store credit from the halloween build contest.


Coins are $1 a piece and roughly 5 are needed for a kit. Also I think you are entitled to $25 store credit due to the line: "Players can build with other people, but if the build wins a prize, contributing players must split the prize."

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