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    Name Change Warning


    Hey PickAxis,

    Mojang recently allowed us to change our Minecraft names. We've done some work on the backend to make sure this is a fluid process...however, if you change your name, please be aware of the following risks:

    • Your SkyBlock island will no longer recognize you. You will lose access to all chests, items, and even going to it. There is nothing we can currently do about this. We are working on a solution, but it is unlikely to be retroactive.
    • Other servers may have some plugin or feature that won't remember you, too. We have been doing some testing, but can't guarantee that something weird won't happen.

    We don't have a solution to getting your island back on SkyBlock right now except to wait 30 days and change your Minecraft name back. We'll keep you updated on our work to better support name changes.

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    I changed my username. It was previously Renathemutt, but I am now GlassJukebox !


    Hope this isn't too much a big deal. Hope to see you all on Pickaxis soon!

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    I changed my name too. It Was Afflictionated, now it's xMiku


    If you have an optifine cape, make sure you transfer it to the new username as soon as you change your name so no one else can claim it.


    By the way. I guess I was lucky because nothing had my name on it

    except for the stuff i built (Gg prism) Such confusion much lul. But nah. yeah be careful.

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