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Hellooooooo Pickaxis!

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Hello everyone,

I am SimpleSerpent, and I am happy to announce that I will be joining your server! Here's a little about myself: I have been playing MC since 2009, and have loved it from the moment I placed that first block. I am a friendly and helpful person, and once I get set up i'll be willing to help anyone out with their MC needs. In terms of PVP i'm sub-par due to me only using my trackpad on my laptop. (I am waaaaay too lazy to go out and buy a mouse). To make up for that I have mastered the art of MC archery, so if you engage me form afar you will not last long. :P   <----- I use that face waaaay too much by the way.    Lastly, I have been playing MC long enough to have learned all the commands to common plugins, so if you don't know why to type, ask away! (This includes staff, fyi, not that I think you'll need it, as you guys seem very competent from my short time on here).

I look forward to playing with you all!


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