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  1. All right, I updated my view list, 


    Code Geass

    Cowboy Bebop

    Death Note


    The devil is a partimer

    Mirai Nikki



    Full metal Alchemist brotherhood

    ae no excorcist

    Sword art online (was a let down after the first "arc" episode 14 or something)

    *Some Ghibli films (also fun to watch)


    Any recomendations based on these?

    When They Cry; it seems like you like horror/death animes.


    Anyways, my friend wants me to watch Inuyasha, and so does my sister, but I'm not too sure. It seems sorta old. ._."

  2. Well, Miku already won this battle, I don't see why you two pesky little humans are still floating around us like the bugs you are. Shoo, shoo, little bugs, before we, the rulers of this forum, crush you and turn you into dust that we will find on your caskets. 

  3. Shush you silly girl, the only reason why you are still alive here is that Miku has gotten to like you. So beware and stay on his good side or you may end up like the rest of those pathetic humans.


    ... Mikuuu.... O^Q

    I laugh as your longswords hit my greatshield. "It's been a long time since someone even tried tot attack me. This'll be a blast." While Lucky keeps attacking I block all strikes with ease. Grabbing my scythe in my right hand, keeping the shield in the left. Going easy on Lucky I use some slow sweep attacks to see how his reaction speed is. After some minutes I get bored and use an overhead slash to get rid of Lucky. "Any other people feel like taking on a God? The creator of your world?"

     ........... Uhh... Someone, help. ,3, So scawu, much scare.

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