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    TheDUDE reacted to Cy11andra in Made a cute staff picture. Check it out!   
    Imgur link here. You can make your own wallpaper here. They have all kinds of cute wallpapers you can put any character in with just their character name.

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    TheDUDE reacted to Cy11andra in More Token options (Survival Server)   
    I would say either $2 for 1 token or even $1 for 1 token. I think it should be used by those with an excessive amount of tokens that don't have any other use for them. Like I wouldn't use my tokens for cash because I have less than 1000... But it would be a nice thing to have for those who have tokens to spare.
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    TheDUDE reacted to SheTolerance Admin in The Drop Party   

    My Fellow Pickaxians, 
    The time has come for us to celebrate the independence of diamonds, cobble and zombie flesh, well drop them from above.
    There will be a weekend packed with events that will of course include our famous drop parties on both Skyblock and Survival, we know how much you love them!
    The times and dates will be:
    Skyblock drop party - Saturday 2nd July - 10pm (BST)  5pm (ET) 3pm (MDT) 9am (NZST)
    Survival Drop Party - Sunday 3rd July - 10pm (BST) 5pm (ET) 3pm (MDT) 9am (NZST)
    Other times for games and events will be announced shortly.
    Now for your job:
    We need donations. The more we have the longer the party will be! The more stackable items the longer the party will be. 
    With your help we can make this the best drop party ever! 
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    TheDUDE got a reaction from Vovik in Pets   
    i like this plugin and would love to see it implemented on this server however you can make the abilities/traits purchasable with coins/tokens or as a rank reward
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    TheDUDE got a reaction from _SammyBaer in Relooking at token perks [SkyBlock]   
    i would like to see the /is biome set as a perk but sell each one individually 200 token per biome
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    TheDUDE got a reaction from Vovik in More Token options (Survival Server)   
    i would like to see /sethome as a perk for the /shop up to a max of 10 total at 200 tokens a piece. i know that with the iron rank you get 5, and that can stay the same but add a max of 5 that you can buy from the /shop
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    TheDUDE got a reaction from Vovik in Survival PvP Suggestions/Ideas   
    vovik makes a good point however there are simple plugins for flagging pvp on and off for those who do and do not want to pvp

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