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    Miss_Val Mod reacted to ZTolerance Admin for an announcement, Wishes of the Heart Build Contest   
    The next best build contest has arrived in PickAxis! Share the love in your heart and express it in the latest contest. That's right, it's time to celebrate Valentine's Day, Minecraft style!
    From now until Monday, February 20th, let your creative juices flow! You can jump right in onto the build contest server (/server buildcontest), claim a plot (/plot auto), build something awesome, then submit it (/plot done) before building ends on the 20th! We'll announce the winners shortly afterwards.
    Now what is in it for you, I hear? Check out the prizes below:
    1st place
    30 Coins 2nd place
    20 Coins 3rd place
    10 Coins And of course, don't forget you can show those you love around you how many blocks they are worth in your heart!  Teams can split the prize and glory!
    So, let's talk rules.  Yeah, we've gotta... I'll make this quick.  First, don't go off and build anything inappropriate or offensive!  I don't want to end up having to disqualify R-rated builds.  Second, be sure to make the build as creative as possible!  Finally, be sure to submit your plot with /plot done when you're finished, so that we can find it for judging!  Oh, and we'll be judging based on creativity, originality, and design.
    So what are you waiting for?!  Get out there and build something awesome!
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    Miss_Val Mod reacted to SheTolerance Admin for an announcement, 4th of July Weekend Celebration   
    My Fellow Pickaxians,
    It's almost time for us to celebrate 4th July in the best way we can... Drop parties and games!
    Starting on Saturday 2nd July, and continuing through until Monday 4th July we will be hosting a range of different games and challenges, across all of the PickAxis network servers. 
    Below is a list of the events that will take place with the times. 

    Saturday 2nd July - Skyblock Server
    8:00PM BST / 3:00PM EDT - Capture the Item: A member of staff will ask you to bring them something, first one to do so wins a prize!
    9:00PM BST / 4:00PM EDT - PVP in Skyblock Arena: A range of different PvP battles.
    10:00PM BST / 5:00PM EDT - Drop Party Time! Do /warp Drop to experience our famous Drop Party!
    11:00PM BST / 6:00PM EDT - Parkour: See if you beat Vertigolf's Challenging Parkour course.
    Sunday 3rd July - Survival Server
    8:00PM BST / 3:00PM EDT - Sheep Herding: Up to 5 players to get as many sheep in a pen as they can.
    9:00PM BST / 4:00PM EDT - PvP in Survival Arena: A range of different PvP battles.
    10:00PM BST / 5:00PM EDT - Drop Party Time! Do /warp Drop to run around in a circle and collect all you can!
    11:00PM BST / 5:00PM EDT - Spleef: Stay on the slime the longest to win!
    Monday 4th July - Various Servers
    8:00PM BST / 3:00PM EDT - Survival Games: Last player standing wins, you only have one chance!
    9:00PM BST / 4:00PM EDT - Skywars Tournament: Send all the other players flying to win!
    10:00PM BST / 5:00PM EDT - Mini Build Contests: Build the best to win!
    11:00PM BST / 6:00PM EDT - Team Survival Games/UHC - Work in teams to defeat other players.
    There will also be lots of other things going on throughout the weekend and tons of prizes to be won, so be sure to join us! 
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    Miss_Val Mod reacted to NickG365 Owner for an announcement, Welcome to the Upgraded PickAxis Community Site   
    We've just completed an overhaul of the PickAxis community site.  You'll find that we've modernized quite a few features and the look of the site.  In particular, you might find the new activity streams worth checking out.  Activity streams can show you what's new on the site, or content that you haven't seen yet.
    Let us know what you think of the update in the comments!
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    Miss_Val Mod reacted to HOOOSK Owner for an announcement, Treasure Hunt   
    Here's a fun game we're going to play

    You should be happy, the game starts today

    Your help is needed to find all my gold

    It's tokens and coins, the legend's foretold

    Read all the clues, you will see them below

    Only the wisest will be in the know

    Riddles will guide you to a treasure chest

    Submit your screenshot to prove you're the best

    If you are the first to post your success

    Riches and riches upon you, I'll bless

    But please go with caution, take this to heart

    You can win only once...plan and be smart

    The first clue I'll give will pop up today

    The second tomorrow, third on it's way

    Good luck to you all, please go find my loot

    And while you're at it, I'm missing a boot

    Treasure #1 Clues: FOUND! - More treasures coming soon

About PickAxis

PickAxis strives to provide an enjoyable, unique, and high-quality experience across the various servers in our network. Join us today; your adventure awaits!


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