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  1. Hey guys! Miss me?

    1. Gsdcs

      Gsdcs Mod

      Hey Jak!!


    2. Mighty_Jak


      I missed you.

  2. Why can't I place armor stands in creative?

    1. HOOOSK

      HOOOSK Owner

      Probably because it's considered an entity.

    2. Mighty_Jak
  3. To much to name. Add me on steam, and I'll show you.
  4. Took me while to get all these hats....
  5. I've not been on this server for a while now, because I kinda got into Tf2, and that I got a bit bored of Minecraft. So I would like to show you my Tf2 Classes, and if you do also play tf2, add me on steam, and we could play together! Steam name: MightyJak11 Scout: Solider: Pyro: Demoman: Heavy: Engineer: Medic: Sniper: Spy: Also, why don't you show me your classes in the comments below?
  6. I just saw Jurassic World....and Omg...

    1. ScribNyan


      Ikr... It was amazing!

  7. Any maybe you have Op Diamond gear. Just a guess.
  8. No one has killed you because your the owner and...Your Husky, what kinda of a sicko would want to kill you?
  9. Griefing my own village away would take forever.
  10. Does not feel right to me..I want to feel like I just joined this server.
  11. You mean just lock my chests so I Can't get into them?

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