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4th July Results

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I know this has been delayed a bit but I thought I would put up a little post to let you all know how the weekend event went and to officially announce the winners of the events. Before I do any of that I would like to thank all of you that turned up and took part, you really made the weekend worth it especially as there was quite a good mix of new and old faces which is always excellent!

A lot of the events we tried for the first time and I would love feedback from you all on what was good/bad/could be improved on so we can make future events better for you all!

Some of the big shoutouts for me is for the following: @adensem for helping with the streaming, @pyrolily for the builds, @NickG365 for being the awesome guy he is and @SheTolerance for all the hard work she put in trying to make sure it was ready for you all!

So, time for the day one winners:


Skyblock PvP

@killaboymol came in first place with a 100% kill record and over 10 kills in various game modes



@vertigolf finally completed his own course in one go and was the first to do so, @TheLavaMobGuy was extremely persistent and came ever so close so definitely deserves honourable mentions for that!


Now it is time for day two winners!


Sheep Herding

We had a 3 way tie on this event mainly due to time constraints and that was @adensem, @JasonPrimate and @perplecraze1 it was a lot of fun watching you all try and guide those sheep!

Your prize is various baaaaaaaaaaaad gifts ;) plus some other rewards that have already been given! Congratulations and thanks for all that joined!


Survival PvP 

Yet again @killaboymol owned the PvP arena with @JasonPrimate winning a round and ending up in second place well done!



This was an interesting event but a real pain to reset! In the two rounds @c_rex101 won one round with @ekhosonix winning the second so well done guys!

I hope you enjoy your slime for the win guys, it was a good fight!


Day 3 winners!


Survival Games

Can you guess who won in the mayhem that was the hunger games? Yes, you have it right it was @killaboymol with @Gsdcs coming in second place! If she didn't run away as much she could have actually won!


Skywars Tournament

There were 4 winners overall on this event and they were @JasonPrimate, @killaboymol, @Gsdcs and @adensem congratulations on the amazing wins guys!

You will get some special gift from myself shortly guys, enjoy!

Build Contest

Due to a few difficulties there were no real one stand out winner so well done to everyone that took part and for those that are americans, please learn what independance day is actually about, the second event could have been better!!!



This event finished off the weekend and it was a long one but as with all the previous PvP events, @killaboymol won it quite unanimously!




Ok so considering the sheer domience in the PvP rounds and attending majority of the weekend I would like to thank @killaboymol for the performance and as such he has a special set of gear to celebrate the PvP awesomeness!


Whilst it was a lot of work to try and keep it organised it was worth it for the fun that resulted so again thank you all for coming and making the weekend as great as it was. Special mention goes out to @Gsdcs from me for helping to corral the PvP players on day 1 and issuing gear as well as her comment on my stream that made me blush!


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Thank you to everyone that could join us for the weekend, I hope you all had a great time.

I would also like to thank you all for your patience. We didn't use any mods for the games, they all needed manually setting up/building and, in some instances, took a little while to organise. 


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20 days later I finally see the post.  You can just leave my stuff in an overly decorated chest hidden somewhere in the redstone of my slot machine.  LOL


Well done everyone.  It was fun!

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