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Survival Shops: Who has one and where is it

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Hello fellow Pickaxis survivalists,

Tonight I read a post regarding the server market place and I thought it would be good to create a thread where shop owners can briefly advertise their establishments and let players know how to find them. 

So my shop..

Location: /t spawn excelsior

How to find: From the spawn follow the walkway off the ship, into the main town.

Sells: Almost everything in a variety of different themed rooms

Buys: Blocks, mob drops, Sparkly things

I look forward to seeing what other shops are available on the server :)

To make a shop simply shift and left click on a chest with the item you want to buy/sell in hand. Then enter in chat how much you want to buy/sell it for. To change a selling shop into a buying shop look at the chest and type /qs buy.

Please keep this thread for shop listings only, any other posts will be hidden. 



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Mine isn't necessarily a 'shop' but I have a few around my town.

Where: /t spawn carrotville

What: Sells enchanted books, horse armor, saddles, nametags, bookshelves, leather, paper, and food

If you need any of those random items stop on by! :)

~ Gsdcs

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I am in the process of creating a secret trade depot and shop in my plot {[messenger101] @ Gamer's_Cafe town}. there will be villagers to trade with and an enchanting table and anvils for use by those who would like to buy or trade @ my shop. I am also adjusting my prices to meet the current economy.

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Location: /t spawn Demons Run

How to find: Exit the spawn building and to the right. There is a Tavern, Menus are in the box if you are looking for something specific

Sells: Potions!

Buys: Nothing at the moment

Extras: Drop us a line at Demons Run, for any Deals you might need to make. We will find a way. :ph34r:

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Still adding new ones, but I have some

Location: /t spawn Axevillecity

How to find: when you spawn in, look left at the giant block buildings

Sells: As of now, the shops sell minerals, tools, enchantments, mob drops, and soon to be food

If you have any questions ask

- C_rex101

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