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Ender Becomes a Teacher : Towny Lesson

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  • /town new [Town Name]

                   Costs $5,000

              Needs money to be kept up, see below

  • /town deposit [amount]

              Adds money to the town bank

              Only mayors can take money out, See below

  • /town withdrawl [amount]

              Removes money from the town bank. 

  • /town add [name]

              Gives players an interface to join your town.

              Looks like:



              Only Assistant and Mayors can invite players to town.

  • /town toggle open

              Allows players to: /town join [town name]

              If you dislike this choice, just type it again and it will turn off.

              Mayor command

  • /town kick [name]

              Kicks players from your town

              Assistant and Mayor command

  • /town rank [Add/Remove] [Name] [Assistant/Vip]

              Gives player the given rank, Must be a resident

              Mayor command

  • /town claim

              Claims a 16x16x256 area (one chunk) for players to claim

              Costs money to claim so have some in the town bank.

  • /town claim outpost

              Claims a 16x16x256 area that doesn't have to be connected to your town.

  • /town set outpost

              Makes a townblock into an outpost block

  • /town set homeblock

              Changes the plot in which is labeled [Home]

              Withholds the town spawn

              Mayor Command

  • /town set spawn

             Changes the block players spawn on in your town.

             Must be in the towns homeblock

             Mayor command

  • /town spawn

            Teleports you to your towns spawn

  • /town spawn [town name]

           Teleports you to another towns spawn

           Ex: /town spawn Excelsior

  • /town toggle public

           Allows non-residents to teleport to your town with the above command.

           Mayor command

  • /town set board [message]

          Changes the message residents of your town see when they log in.

          Mayor command


  • /plot claim

          Claims one chunk, 16x16x256

          Mayor and Assistant command

  • /res toggle plotborder

          Shows where the chunks are with black particles when you cross over a chunk border.

          This will be what /town claim will actually take. 

  • /plot set perm [Resident/Ally/Outsider/Friend] [Build/Destroy/Item/Switch] [On/Off]

           Gives players of that "Rank" the given ability.

  • /res friend add [Name]

           Makes said player your Friend.

           Friends will be able to build/destroy on plots after above command is used to specify they can do so.

  • /plot claim

           Claims a plot thats "for sale" in a town

  • /plot set [Shop/Embassy/Wilds/Spleef/Inn/Arena]

           Changes plot type

  • /plot [fs/nfs] [Price]

          Makes a plot For Sale (fs) or Not For Sale (nfs) at given price

  • /plot set name [Name]

          Changes the name you see when you enter the plot


  • /nation new [Name]

             Creates a Nation

             Costs $10,000

             You can Invite other Town into your Nation

  • /nation add [Town]

              Invites a Town to your nation

  • /nation kick [Town]

              Kicks said town from your Nation.

  • /nation deposit [amount]

              Adds money to your nation's bank

  • /nation withdrawl [amount]

             Removes money from the nation's bank


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