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Would you like to be staff on PickAxis?


It's easy to apply.  Just click here and fill out the form.






Did I fill out the form correctly?  I only answered a couple questions.

  • Yes, you filled out the form correctly.  There are only a couple questions to fill out: your name and the servers you would like to staff.


Why do you only have a couple questions in the staff application?

  • We feel that filling out the staff application is your way of nudging us and saying "Hey!  Keep an eye on me, I'm interested in becoming staff."  We don't want to choose our staff based on how well they can answer 10 questions in paragraph form.


What qualities are you looking for when you selecting someone for a staff position?

  • First and foremost, we want someone who plays a lot on PickAxis.  If you play here, you will likely know all the rules and will get to know a lot of the players in the community.  After that we are looking for people who are respectful, helpful, and good leaders.


How often do you select new staff? and How many staff positions do you have?

  • We select staff when we see there is a need for more.  We don't have a limited number of staff members.


If I am made staff, would I ever be let go?

  • Yes, if you do something detrimental to the network intentionally, we will let you go.  We will also let you go if you aren't playing on the server.


What if I have a talent that could be used by the network, but don't necessarily want to be staff?

  • We have a few people in our community who are good at a lot of different things, like building or creating artwork.  They aren't staff but help in different ways.  We still compensate them for their efforts to improve our community.  If you have a skill or talent you'd like to use to help grow PickAxis, feel free to contact the owners here.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us here.


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PickAxis strives to provide an enjoyable, unique, and high-quality experience across the various servers in our network. Join us today; your adventure awaits!


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