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  1. Video games XD or go super meta and make the theme minecraft lol oohh a food theme would be cool... or like a house theme
  2. Howdy! I was trying to create a chicken farm that auto collected eggs for me but I can't seem to figure out why my hoppers wont pass the eggs onto the chests under them. I tried it out in single player and it worked fine but when I do it on the server it doesn't is there a rule against them or a bug? XD i just wanna be sure i'm not doing something wrong in putting it togeather...
  3. Howdy! I'm new and I got a couple questions! so i understand the set home command but How do you keep people from breaking your things outside of a town? Is there a way to let friends use locked chests? can people warp to your home? Is there an area dedicated to player owned shops? and if so how do you set one up? or are there signs I can read?

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