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  1. I remember that game, used to play it when i was younger, completely forgot the music.I would have to agree
  2. My name comes from the fact that i love the cold (Even though i live in a desert xD) so i wanted a "cold" name, thus i thought of arcticcraft, but, it was already taken. I considered adding numbers to it but dats too mainstream =P. I also thought arcticcraft was a bit short, so i added FTW to it. Flames however, comes from the fact that where i live it gets extremely hot but it can also get below 0 degrees in winter, so i thought i would mix both into one name.
  3. ._. Maybe we can confuse them by counting in roman numbers? =P I
  4. Gladly! thats why i made this post Trying to help you guys out as much a possible. Ill try thinking up some more tomorrow. I know you can make most of the special kits work with command blocks, but as i said im not an expert on them i think the special kits like the hacker or necro kit would really make the skywars here stand out also if you need anymore ideas for any server, feel free to ask me, i may be able to come up with something cool
  5. Knowing how much i love playing skywars, i thought id give you guys some feedback on what i think of the kits. Cactus- i think this is a fairly balanced kit and is good against most of the other kits, however, it does have its weaknesses. archer- also a fairly balanced kit, however, i still think you get a bit too many arrows, my suggestion would be to maybe only have 2 feathers and flints (instead of the usual 4) and in return, maybe add some more iron or some bow enchant (power/punch would be my suggestion). Avenger- I feel this is an underpowered kit (if thats even a word =P), but has a lot of potential, the reason being all it gives you is a diamond sword, feather falling 4 leather boots, and 2 golden apples (which you also get in cactus, budder,collector, enchanter =P) so, my suggestion would be to either give avenger some diamonds and/or iron and maybe give the sword sharpness or fire aspect or knockback, or some kind of sword enchant, also i would add some extra armour to it, maybe gold/leather pants. Assassin- I know this kit was nerfed but i still think its a bit overpowered, i mean invis, speed, AND an Enderpearl?! might as well change the name to Overkill, my suggestion to this kit would be replace the speed potion or the enderpearl (or both) with a sharpness 1 or 2 Gold sword just to balance it out a bit more. another suggestion would be to make another kit including enderpearls but ill talk about that later. however, i do see alot of potential in this kit. Nether- To be honest, im not entirely sure why this kit is there, you can get two and a half times the amount of lava in arsonist, theres no armor at all and it only has nether rack and fire charges extra, along with a sharpness 2 gold sword, as i said, im not sure why this one was added, i don't think anyone is/will use it :\ i would say remove/replace it =P (sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but as the title suggests, im just giving my opinion.) PyroManiac- I like this kit and think its a dry balanced kit with which you can do some really cool stuff (Tnt cannons, tnt jumps, tnt spleefing someone (xD) etc.) I would maybe like to see some blocks in it, like some obsidian however, not enough for you to encase yourself in completely, so maybe 6 pieces would to the trick? I personally enjoy this kit and have lots of fun when using it WitchDr- ?I think this kit is balanced well considering you get all the potions, But i would like to see maybe a brewing stand and a few nether warts with some potion ingredients in it as well (Take into consideration not all people know how to make potions AND potions also take time to make.) ?Note: i would not suggest adding Glowstone because people would make strength 2, which pretty much guarantees you win a fight. Irony- I think this kit is a bit overpowered especially on a map where mid is 4 blocks away =P like the jail one. In my opinion it has too much armor on it, i mean full iron in a skywars game? bit too op =P im not entirely sure on how to nerf it, but give it ingots instead of pre-made armor and maybe not enough ingots for a full set, and instead give it some golden apples to make up for the iron. Mover- As with the nether kit, im not entirely sure why this was added, i understand the speed helps you move around but you also get a speed potion in assassin, 16 ice a stack of wooden planks full leather snowballs and a fishing rod= =P a bit confusing to me, to be honest, i don't know where to go with this one, my suggestion would be maybe replacing it or remaking it completely, i haven't seen anybody using it either. Ghost- I Like this kit because its not too overpowered but also not underpowered, i don't have too much to say about this, maybe make the invisibility potion 8 minutes to give it something different to the assassin kit? or maybe a gold sword with sharpness 1 or something =P. Arsonist- This kit is also fairly well balanced, although the armor doesn't really have much affect since you get a fire res potion at first, but i haven't played a long game with arsonist yet, the only thing i would add to this would be a fire aspect 1/2 wooden sword or axe. Enchanter- I like this kit because its basically a gambler kit, you can either get something really good or bad and it takes some time to set everything up, which is why i say its probably the most balanced kit out of all of them in my opinion =P Collector-? I like this kit because its a good counter to most other kits and its an axe so it doesn't do as much damage as a diamond sword and is fairly balanced in my opinion. the iron block provides some extra armor. Snowman- this is also a kit im not sure why it was added, it doesn't really have much use exept on the snow map, i could see this being more useful if theres a spot on each map where theres a snow patch where you can get snow, but its easy to make a shovel too =P maybe replace it or remake it would be my suggestion Budder- This gives you full gold, gold sword, gold block and golden apples when 3 slots away theres a kit that gives you full iron and an iron sword, only thing it doesn't have is the golden apples, i understand this kit is for sky fans but still =P i would suggest maybe adding a super golden apple or something to make it a bit more used, or replace it. =P Now, for some kits i thought up, feel free to use them, edit them, or not use them at all, just some ideas i came up with Clockwork: 8 Redstone blocks, 4 dispensers, 16 fire charges, 4 redstone repeaters, 2 redstone comperators, 2 redstone torches, 2 levers, 4 pistons, 2 slimeballs, 8 tnt, 8 arrows . This kit is for people who like using redstone and making traps and will give an advantage to day-to-day redstone users EnderTitan- 4 Enderpearls, diamond helmet, diamond boots, wooden sword. This kit is good for offensive gameplay and escaping people with better gear than you, or getting to mid faster than anyone else (unless theres another titan) Sniper- power 5 Bow with 1 arrow, basically one-shots whatever it hits. very good for eliminating one target with a good kit and kill them and go grab their kit. The next kits may require some special plugins or something in that direction (im not an expert on this whole server thing =P) Dwarf- Permanent Slowness 2 With an iron chestplate, diamond boots, leather helmet, , iron pickaxe, strength 1 and resistance 1. This kit is good for defensive gameplay or tanking an archer. Hacker- Able to shoot a bow with 3 arrows, the arrows do no damage but they place a tnt block where they land, gets a flint and steel as a detonated that makes the tnt light and explode in half the time, but only 3 quarters the power it usually does, you can also place the tnt down manually for the normal affect . this is good for eliminating people fast at the start of the game, but can be countered by the pyromaniac armor. Reaper- Sharpness 5 iron hoe (=P) with full leather dyed black. Pheonix- 10 fire charges, 3 lava and a "Fire Sword" Golden sword with fire aspect 2 and a bow with flame 1 power 1 bow with 3 arrows and anyone block you hit with the sword will light on fire Necromancer: Has a bow with 3 arrows. spawns a creeper where the arrow lands. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, i know it was alot but its very much appreciated. i would love some feedback on this. feel free to add some suggestions or items. Ive been working on this for around 5 hours now xd Note: i know most of this can be done with command blocks and the special kits can maybe be for donators? also, these are just my opinions, im not trying to give anyone an advantage and tried to balance all the kits out equally anyway, thanks for reading
  6. I think this is a good idea because i have experienced people starting it right when someone else joins so they can't get a kit, which is annoying xD
  7. *Changes to MC name* kden summons power of the Tundra and shock-freezes you and all your tnt Mah (frozen) hill!
  8. Can i just say this was hilarious to read, but now its my turn >=D Summons power of the sun and burns everyone to a crisp. My (slightly burnt) hill!

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