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  1. Hey all!

    I've started a twitch channel!!!!!! 

    (Crowd screaming and applauding in the background) Thank you, thank you. Yes, I too and insanely excited for this as well! No autographs please. Anywho, everyone is welcome to come and observe me dying all over the place repeatably in all the fabulous games I attempt to play!

    I welcome all fellow streamers and anyone who just wants to join me to attend! I stream much of our fabulous server often in hopes of summoning more players to our lovely server that is Pickaxis. Oh! And, as always, am willing to help whenever you need! Come hang with me and be sure to vote daily so we can get us some people units to come join us in the merriment that will usually be a complete and total massacre of myself and probably the teammates I accidently team kill.


    Love always



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