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Suggestion for new Creative Contest

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"Nice looking Ugly building contest"

Okay you have to start making a nice looking building. It can't be made out of mud and it has to really be meant to look nice. I've made a couple of buildings this way. I started out with good intentions, then when I stepped back and looked at it, some tnt would have been nice to destroy the whole thing. 



1 No mud

2 No multiple coloured blocks/bricks to make it look like it was intentionally made to look bad

3 It has to be look like genuine building of some sort. Like a house airship (plane balloon) pyramid, sky scraper statue of a dragon cat or whatever... but something just went wrong with it... like it came out uneven not the circle didn't come right or the thing is just ugly.

4. Or maybe you think it looks nice, but it's really messed up. (don't take it personally I know I have some ugly stuff out there)

Staff can pick out the ugliest ones and post them and maybe the users can vote on them in the forums and make up prizes.

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