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Welcome to 1.11.2!

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On Christmas day @NickG365 gave us all a treat, no not an impersonation of The Flash singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman (though I think we would all like to witness that!) He updated the Pickaxis server to 1.11.2! :wub:

There are many new exciting items, mobs and exploring to be had so I thought I would write up a bit of a guide for you all, in case you missed some of the updates (I have learnt a few things researching this!) 


Shulker boxes

1.11 answered two things... What Shulkers are actually for and when will I be able to carry more items? The Shulkers, added in 1.9, now drop Shulker shells. Place 2 of these with a chest in a crafting table and it produces a shulker box, a chest that can be broken and replaced without losing it's inventory. When in an inventory they display their contents when hovered over with. These boxes can also be coloured using dyes.

The Woodland Mansion!

This places looks epic! A mansion filled with rooms and new mobs (which I will get to) These are a rare spawn, found by luck or trading for a map from the new villager, the cartographer. I'm not going to list all the rooms and loot you can get from these buildings, if you're interested take a look here. Obviously when found and explored on the survival world the mansion will never regenerate, so bare this in mind if you destroy one. Obviously any found in the mining world will be reset monthly.

New Mobs

There a various new mobs that have been introduced in this update:

Illagers - there are two types of illagers, which can both be found in the woodland mansion. The Evoker attacks by summonding Vex - some small flying creatures that will damage the player. When killed, the Evoker will drop a totem of undying, this, when held by a player, will save them from death once, when used it will disappear. The Evoker will not respawn once killed. The Vindicator will attack a player with an axe, and if renamed to Johnny will kill animals - making a great mob farm!


As mentioned above, there is a new white coat villager. These offer two types of maps as trades. One to help find the woodland mansion and another to help find ocean monuments.


We have a new animal! The Llamas are very cute! They have an inventory and will carry your items for you. You can create a chain of them, a caravan, by attaching one to a lead, up to 10 more will follow. You can also decorate them with different coloured carpet.

Observer Block

This is a new redstone block that will emit a signal once a block next to it has been updated.



The curse of binding prevents the removal of the cursed item until death. Armour will stick to you! 

The curse of vanishing will cause the item to disappear upon death. It will be lost forever!


The update has removed the ability to move players and mobs around via pistons, however they have re-introduced the use of glass elevators! 



We haven't just updated the 1.11, but are currently running on 1.11.2 which also added some smaller, but new features to the game:

When using the Elytra, you can give yourself a boost with rockets.

Place an iron ingot into a crafting grid and it will produce 9 iron nuggests, as with gold, 9 of these will make an ingot.

If you smelt a golden or and iron sword in a furnace, it will produce ingots.

There is also a new enchantment called sweeping edge, this can be added to swords to increase sweeping damage.

And finally, the infinity enchantment can no longer be used with Mending. If you already have a bow with both enchantments on then keep it safe as it will not be able to be made again!


I hope I covered everything here and hope to see you guys on the server soon for some exploring



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