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Hey guys :HeyGuys:

Don't tell :Nick: but I added a bunch of new emotes to our forums.  Use them while they last!  I guarantee some of them will end up "missing" soon. :Kappa: 

Many of these emotes will look familiar to a lot of you. Below is a list of them. To use them simply put the word next to the emote in between colons, like this:  :cat:

  • :PickAxis: PickAxis


  • :OhMyDog: OhMyDog


  • :creeper: creeper


  • :Kreygasm: Kreygasm


  • :Nick: Nick


  • :husker: husker


  • :PJSalt: PJSalt


  • :PogChamp: PogChamp


  • :steve: steve


  • :riPepperonis: riPepperonis


  • :flash: flash


  • :SMOrc: SMOrc


  • :SwiftRage: SwiftRage


  • :VaultBoy: VaultBoy


  • :WutFace: WutFace


  • :BibleThump: BibleThump


  • :BloodTrail: BloodTrail


  • :BrainSlug: BrainSlug


  • :BrokeBack: BrokeBack


  • :CoolCat: CoolCat


  • :duDudu: duDudu


  • :FailFish: FailFish


  • :HeyGuys: HeyGuys




  • :Kappa: Kappa


  • :KappaClaus: KappaClaus


  • :KappaPride: KappaPride


  • :KappaRoss: KappaRoss


  • :Keepo: Keepo


  • :MingLee: MingLee


  • :ph34r: ph34r


  • :MrDestructoid: MrDestructoid


  • :NotLikeThis: NotLikeThis


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Guest Creepliss

Creeper emoji!!! i love this!:creeper:

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