LAG, LAG, and more LAG

It happens mostly when I teleport somewhere out of like a 100 block radius of where I currently am. It also happens when I log onto Survival and I can't move... sometimes up to a few minutes. I know it isn't my computer b/c my game will run fine until I tp somewhere. Then I lag tons.... It is kinda frustrating and almost makes me not want to play on the survival side (as thats where it happens).

I don't know if this is a common thing among players but it is kinda frustrating....

Don't get me wrong.... I Luv this server... If it wasn't for pickaxis..... I'd not have met all you awesome people...

Please help me....


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Hey there r4ans0m,

Next time you experience this lag, can you type /lag in-game and then report back here so I can take a closer look.  If you experience it more than once when you next play, use /lag once each time.


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