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Updated Skyblock Challenges

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As requested, here is an updated list of the challenges on skyblock. Below is Huskers original document with all the challenges on, below that is a list of all of the more recently added challenges that were made permanent 


    Repeatable Repeatable Repeatable
Name Requirements Reward EXP reward $ Reward
The Arrow 64 Arrows 3 slime blocks 5 XP $5
HayThere 64 Hay bales, 64 Bread, 64 Wheat 1 Villager Egg 10 XP $10
NethernLights 64 Glowstone blocks 64 Sea Lanterns 1 XP $1
Sandstorm 64 sand 2 diamonds 10 XP $10
WhatTheNether 64 nether warts 4 glowstone, 4 soul sand, 4 nether brick blocks 10 XP $10
GoGreen 5 redstone dust 1 emerald 5 XP $5
CandyCorn 10 stacks of sugar 1 stack of yellow, white and orange wool 10 XP $10
JackOLantern 64 jacko'lanterns 64 mossy cobblestone and 32 spiderwebs 10 XP $10
WickedWitch 5 golden apples 1 god apple 10 XP $10
TrickorTreat 1 rabbit hide, 1 book 3 cake, 3 pumpkin pie, 8 cookies 10 XP $10
SpookySounds #11 disc 64 Quartz ore 10 XP $10
HeadlessHorseman 1 iron and 1 gold horse armor 1 diamond horse armor, 1 saddle, 1 head. 1 horse head 10 XP $10


I will update as and when it is required


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