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    ninjabou Revered reacted to HuskerGirl Owner for an announcement, Treasure Hunt   
    Here's a fun game we're going to play

    You should be happy, the game starts today

    Your help is needed to find all my gold

    It's tokens and coins, the legend's foretold

    Read all the clues, you will see them below

    Only the wisest will be in the know

    Riddles will guide you to a treasure chest

    Submit your screenshot to prove you're the best

    If you are the first to post your success

    Riches and riches upon you, I'll bless

    But please go with caution, take this to heart

    You can win only once...plan and be smart

    The first clue I'll give will pop up today

    The second tomorrow, third on it's way

    Good luck to you all, please go find my loot

    And while you're at it, I'm missing a boot

    Treasure #1 Clues: FOUND! - More treasures coming soon

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