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  1. Sorry bill I was aware that there was a reset every 3rd tuesday and that that was on the calendar... What I was asking for is a more regular reset of "The End" and for those resets to be on there. apparently it happens about once a week because players pester.

  2. A few things I would like to see.


    1. The ability to see whos online across all servers (/glist used to work but doesn't now).

    2. The ability to talk to everyone across all the servers from chat.

    3. Any paying player should have the 3 second teleport delay removed.

    4. Can we have more drop parties.

    5. Can we have the end reset more regularly and on a more specific schedule.. probably using the calendar on this site.


    thanks :D

  3. Just thought I'd give you guys my opinions after playing for a few hours.


    1. It rains way too much, this is governed by how oftern players sleep, and on this server thats... never... would be cool if the frequency of rain was reduced or some other way of stopping the rain was added.


    2. $7500 is a lot of money for a new player to get together in a reasonable amount of time... I'd like to have built more then just a massive farm in my first few hours... Locked chests are cool but theres no chance of me setting up towny any time soon, which means I dont feel safe building stuff... Obviously once you're setup, farming money is pretty easy anyway.


    3. The /wild command is very useful to get people started quickly. I used it to find and setup a small base, couple of issues... Using the command I came across a lot of other peoples houses / bases, most of which werent protected. Also yea I have a base setup but it would be very very hard to invite me friends on and get them to quickly come join me... From what I can tell it would be a case of saying "heres my coords, goodluck"


    4. Lag and general bugs, the lag for a new server isnt bad, the occasional block reappearing and moving back a couple of steps. Nothing major. There is an excessive number of lighting glitches, and chunks not loading in properly. I've not seen the lighting glitch over a full pool of lava before... pretty interesting.






    1. Reduce the frequency of rain.

    2. Reduce the cost of Towny, or make it so newer players can make money easier.

    3. Add a was for new players to teleport to existing players.

    4. Wait for 1.8 where most of this is fixed :D

  4. Haha, thanks guys,


    I'm not from russia, its short for Donovan, im from the UK, thats been my gamer tag for 11 years and ive had that a few times...

  5. Hey guys.

    Hope you're all doing well. Some of you may recognise me. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with what you guys are doing here. It's 3am but I'll be sure to check out the servers tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work :-)

    - Donov

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