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Wishes of the Heart Build Contest Winners!


This build contest featured flowers, mazes, picnics, a cake and many many love hearts! The builds made the judges all warm and fuzzy and they have decided on some winners.

1st Place
30 Coins
2nd Place
20 Coins
3rd Place
10 Coins
  Honorable Mention
300 tokens

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that submitted an entry, they were all amazing! Check out the winning builds here!

More build contests will be coming your way soon! Have an idea for a theme? Share it here!


SheTolerance (1st Place)



chakwaina (2nd Place)



shadowpyrolily (3rd Place)



rampage1779 (Honorable Mention)


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Good job to all the people who entered, saw some amazing builds and Congrats to the 3 that won. amazing builds.

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