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So people are going to be like "why do we need factions". And ill tell you! So what i think would be a good idea is to invest into a factions server option. It might be a bit to much but we could get more players attracted to pickaxis if we get a fac server running. here are some things the fac server might need if it gets greenlighted.


-Spawn w/ shop

-Ranks that offer kits

-Big open pvp arena


-Possibly custom enchants

-curse word censorship

-anything factions (lel)


So now that we have ideas we need some good reasons for having a faction server. so heres some bullitons of why we should have a fac server


-More players interested

-another gamemode for pickaxians to enjoy

-a good way to get revinue off of players buying ranks

-Might get people more interested in other gamemodes (like skyblock,survival,creative,ect)

-It will get our server more attention (ye)


So there are the reasons why we should have a fac server. I would really apreciate if i get a response on this idea and i hope that this idea gets greenlight.

If you have any complaints/Ideas just put a comment down in the comments section.


 ~TheLavaMob123 the memelord signing out 

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