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Tokens To Coins

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Dear Nick/Husker

I believe that a player should be able to transfer a certain amount of tokens to a single coin. The reason I believe this is because since you get tokens by voting and voting helps the server grow on the charts, that an amount of about 500 tokens should be able to be turned into a coin. Because either you donate or just vote, you are still helping the server grow. And if 500 tokens turn into 1 coin, then it would take 10 days of voting for a coin, 100 days for iron, and 200 for the other ranks. 



P.S. i thought it would be fun to make this in letter form so i did.

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We discussed this idea when we were developing the coin system for PickAxis.  Ultimately, we decided against it for a few reasons.  We felt that the conversion rate would have to be too high for such a system.  As you mentioned, 500 tokens for 1 coin would mean 100 days of consistent voting just for the iron rank.  That's over 3 whole months, even longer if you bought anything else from the token shop during that time.  We'd much rather you get something in a shorter time frame -- it shouldn't feel like a long grind!  This is why you see some individual elements from the coin ranks in the token shop, as well as some other unique upgrades.

Additionally, we hope to add other ways to earn tokens in the future.  Because of this, we're not sure how the token economy could change.  Maybe you'll eventually be able to earn 100 tokens per day.  With this in mind, we don't want there to be any exchange between the token and coin systems -- we want the token system to remain very flexible for changes in the future.

We would, however, like to add more items to the token shop.  If you have any ideas for what those items should be, we'd love to hear them!  Ultimately, you should be able to build your own rank from the token shop, getting individual perks over time.  Of course, some perks will be exclusively available from coins, and others exclusive to the token shop.

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