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I Might Come Back... (a tear of joy streams down my cheek)

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      Well After three or four months of some good solitude from minecraft, I think I might, just might, come back. A ray of hope has come. I've found the gold at the end of the rainbow. I shot the leprechaun. oops. (no need to panic, not really...) Since the game first came out I was addicted to it. It was a problem, and I wouldn't admit to myself yet knew it. So the Problem grew and grew, so finally I just needed to rid myself of that problem completely. (Yeah.. Ik.. a 5 year problem... don't judge me;) I know you're addicted to...) I'm hoping now, I can control myself from the urge to play, and just get on a few times here and there, finishing my school first. (I'm Home-schooled so the darn game was sitting in front of me for 8 hours, what was I supposed to do, do my school...) Of course I'm totally going to change my name. How lame is turtle90... Yeah. its needs a capital letter duh. Turtle90. Now thats more like it;) So anyway that's my plan, and hopefully all pans out well, I get the game again and taa-daa. No guarantees, but its a plan alright!  Hope to see you all soon! 

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