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[economy] In dire need of iron ingots and blocks and dirt

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Hey all,

As most of you know i am building a tiny atlantis from the stargate series.

In order to complete this i estimate that i need another 100k iron blocks and about another 40k dirt blocks.

So if you have spare ones, please consider selling them at my shop!



5$ each iron ingot

45$ each iron block

5$ each dirt block



/is warp vertigolf

Just jump down the hole and inside the pyramid are the shops


Thanks for contributing to this build!



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Hey Verti! Just wondering and not sure if it would work, but since I wont be playing any longer, and if its alright with the admins, you can Have my island, and everything that goes with it! It wont make a huge impact on your build, but it was just a thought! ;) 

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Hey turtle90 cool idea, but i only need the above 2, so i might just take those off.

Are you entirely sure you will not be playing anymore because i have a cool idea for your island then.

We could strip it down and stuff it into the dropparty mechanism!

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