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    Meg1626 Mod reacted to NickG365 Owner for an announcement, Pirates Build Contest Winners!   

    Ahoy, Mateys! The stormy waters have been tread! The seadogs have been separated from the landlubbers. After quite a bit of scuttlebutt and counting treasure maps, the right ol' Jolly Rogers have been found. Shiver me timbers and a yo ho ho! Here are the shipshape winners.

    First Place
    50 Coins & 500 tokens Second Place
    30 Coins & 450 tokens Third Place (Tied)
    20 Coins & 400 tokens Third Place (Tied)
    Bill & collinsohn
    20 Coins & 400 tokens Honorable Mention
    300 tokens Honorable Mention
    300 tokens
    And finally, all you landlubbers who finalized yer plots with /plot done will get to plunder 100 of me golden tokens.

    Thanks to all yeh scallywags who walked the plank in this contest! Keep an eye out with yer spyglass for the next one!


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