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Any anime recommendations?

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I've been slowly getting back into anime, and I thought I might as well ask on the forums for any good animes! BTW JOJO IS GREAT GO WATCH/READ JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE

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 Anohana, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Angel Beats, Blood C, Mirai Nikki, Highschool DXD, The Average Lifes of Teenage Boys, Lucky Star,

Love Live School Idle, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto+Naruto Ship, AOT, Oriemo, Yosuga no Sora, Watamote, Date A Live, Heavens Lost Property, Kidomo No jikan, Recently my sister has been acting unusual.




Deadman Wonderland

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Do you have any particular genres you're interested in?

If you like cute little animes, I'd suggest Lucky Star or Ouran Highschool Host Club.

Like cute animes with an intense plotline? Madoka Magica or Kyoukai no Katana would be good for you.

If you're more interested in some more intense but still humorous animes, I'd recommend Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mirai Nikkii or maybe Attack on Titan.


It all depends on what you're interested in, and if you could give some examples of what you've watched and like, genres you're interested in, etc., that'd be great.

Hope this is helpful to you! (:



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